10 Best Android Apps For Film Makers 2023

Top 10 Best Android Apps For Film Makers

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Android is the world’s most popular and widely used mobile OS. People prefer Android over any other OS because Android devices are available for every budget and offer a great deal of features and performance. Along with these, the best selling point of Android is it’s huge App market. The Google play store has the highest number of apps compared to any other OS. These apps are available in many categories and subcategories. Hence, users can install a set of apps and use their Android device for any purpose they like. But, here in this article, we are going to discuss “Best Android Apps for Film makers“. We know that smartphone cameras have progressed so much today that they have completely replaced point and shoot cameras and are trying to compete with DSLR. The hardware on Android phones is becoming so powerful that it is now capable of handling high resolution video editing as well. But, film makers need the correct apps to compliment their hardware in order to get the best film making experience from and Android phones. So, if you have an interest in film making and are looking for the best Android apps for filmmakers and editors, this article is for you.

List Of Best Android Apps For Film Makers.

Given below are top 10 apps for Film Makers. Download the ones you need to make your film making experience from and Android phones better and more useful.

1. Open Camera.

open cameraOpen camera is one of the best manual Android Camera app. This app is great for film makers as the manual controls give the user ability to get complete control over their shoot. The app has the ability to shoot up to 4k UHD resolution video if your hardware supports it. The app is very simple but has all the technical adjustments a filmmaker needs.Download From Playstore

2. Adobe Premiere Clip.

adobe premiere clipFrom the house of Adobe, Premiere Clip is the smartphone version of the professional video editing tool premiere pro. This is the best video editor app you will find on Android. This is recommenced app in list of android apps for film makers which everyone must have. The app offers automatic editing, great sound features, photo motion, as well as easy sharing. But the best thing about this app is you can share the project by syncing it with your Adobe CC account.

Download From Playstore

3. MX Player.

mx playerAs a filmmaker, you may have to deal with a lot of video formats and codecs. While your default gallery app or video player might not be able to handle some videos, we have the best video player for you. MX Player is the most downloaded and the best video player on Google play store. It plays almost any video and audio format and displays detailed properties of the video file. MX Player is a must have Android app for film makers.

Download From Playstore

4. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

adobe lightroom photoshopAdobe Photoshop Lightroom is another great in all android apps for Film makers from the house of Adobe. It is an excellent camera and high quality editing tool that produces brilliant looking images. This app also integrates with your Adobe CC account so you can share your creative projects over synced devices.

Download From Playstore

5. Vimeo.

vimeoVimeo is a great place for film makers to share their work as well as discover new content from their favorite creator. With the vimeo android app, film makers can share their works in various categories like Animation, Documentary, Travel and more. The app makes it easier to upload and share videos along with the features of streaming easily in 1080p. Vimeo is adfree and there is a feature to keep video offline as well.

Download From Playstore

6. Google Drive.

google driveWith high resolution cameras, video file size is very large. The best way to share heavy files via Android is the google drive because email doesn’t support large attachments. Google drive is built right in android phones as a stock app and is a must use app for handling large video files. Use google drive to share folders among creators to share multiple files in a video project for film making.

Download From Playstore

7. YouTube.

youtubeYouTube is the worlds largest video sharing platform and is a must use for all film makers. There are millions of videos on YouTube and the possibilities of countless. Artists from all over the world share their creations on YouTube. It is the best place for inspiration and ideas. As YouTube is owned by Google, it runs very well on Android and is a breeze to use.

Download From Playstore

8. Viva Video.

viva videoViva Video is the most popular video creating and sharing tool on android. If you are starting as a film maker and are depending on android, viva video is thing to start. This quick app lets film makers edit videos and create clips with minimal effort. There are a lot of audio, stickers and filter effects. You can also create photo montage with viva video.

Download From Playstore

9. Reverse Movie FX – Magic video.

reverse magic video appIf as a film maker, you are looking forward to adding a few effects in your video project, give Reverse Movie FX – magic video app a try. This app records video in reverse and give very cool effects and magical scenes that are not usually possible. Reverse Movie FX – magic video gives something different and can be very helpful to film makers.

Download From Playstore

10. Cardboard Camera.

cardboard cameraAs the world is moving on quickly to the VR technology, Android is the best way to start. Google cardboard is an app that can let film makers to start in the world of Virtual Reality. It is an app to discover, create and share VR content on Android.

Download From PlaystoreIn conclusion, these are the best Android apps for Film makers. If you feel we missed any of your favourite film making app, please share it with us in comments below. We’d also like to hear about your favourite film making apps and more.

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