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Looking for information on the best Android emulator ? Don’t miss this guide on the best Android emulators for PC and console.

The world of videogames is always growing, you will have noticed how the new consoles are focusing not only on the classic degrees of the time but also on completely cloud ecosystems to improve the number of titles in the catalog.

Among the most interesting aspects of the videogame sector is retrogaming , made up of many emulators capable of making you relive the classics of the past. But what is the best Android emulator ? We are sure that you know very well which are the main ones, that is the ones most advertised and used by users, but today we want to go a little further and provide you with some emulator that you didn’t even think existed.

In fact, in the next few lines we will focus on the best emulators for Android and above all on the best console emulators for Android. Ready for this journey of knowledge? Let’s go.


  • Best Android emulator for PC
    • BlueStacks: emulator for Windows 10 and macOS
    • BlueStacks X: emulator for Windows 10, macOS and Linux
    • Nox: emulator for Windows 10, macOS and Linux
    • MEmu: emulator for Windows 10
    • ArChon Runtime: emulator for Windows 10, macOS and Linux
    • LDPlayer: emulator for Windows 10
  • Best console emulators for Android
    • EmuBox emulator
    • Free DS emulator!
    • RetroArch emulator
    • PPSSPP emulator
    • Mame4droid emulator
    • MultiSneS9x emulator
    • M64Plus FZ Emulator (N64)
    • Arcade Games Emulator Emulator
    • ClassicBoy Gold Emulator: PlayStation 1, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy

Best Android emulator for PC

Maybe you play regularly with your smartphone and would like to do it on PC too, but how? You may not know that there are excellent emulators that allow you to play and use Android applications directly on your PC. Let’s see which are the most sought after Android PC emulators and what they do in particular.

BlueStacks: emulator for Windows 10 and macOS

There is no doubt that this Android application emulator is the most downloaded and used in the world. With BlueStacks , you can start all the applications on the Play Store or App Store and manage them without any problem on your computer. To stay on the subject also read: how to install Android on PC .

BlueStacks X: emulator for Windows 10, macOS and Linux

If your personal computer is not exactly a lightning bolt of war and the RAM is scarce you can bet on the Lite version of BlueStaks . It gives you the same functionality as its big brother, but limits the use of system resources.

Nox: emulator for Windows 10, macOS and Linux

Among the geeks, especially on Linux, the most interesting emulator is Nox . With an intuitive interface you can manage the launch of your favorite apps, including video games.

MEmu: emulator for Windows 10

A very popular emulator, available only for Windows operating systems, MEmu is able to guarantee the maximum versatility on Android software. You can download it in seconds on the following Internet page .

ArChon Runtime: emulator for Windows 10, macOS and Linux

We want to go a little further and recommend software suitable for those who already have an idea of ​​how simpler emulators work. More than software, we can define ArChon as a Google Chrome extension that allows you to use Android apps.

LDPlayer: emulator for Windows 10

LDPlayer is probably the most loved by gamers. It was designed to satisfy users who play a lot and don’t want jamming or high latencies.

Best console emulators for Android

Maybe you want to play the great classics of the past directly on your smartphone but you don’t know which emulator to point to and download from the Play Store. Let’s see the best emulators that can make a difference even on not-so-modern mobile devices.

EmuBox emulator

Released a few years ago, EmuBox allows you to better manage most of the ROMs coming from old consoles. Specifically, you can start: PlayStation, Nintendo DS, GBC, SNES and GBA.

Free DS emulator!

If your desire is to replay Nintendo DS titles then the perfect solution is definitely  Free DS Emulator . You have the ability to load games from your computer and start them from your Android device in seconds.

RetroArch emulator

Do you have little space on your smartphone and need a single app that can manage many consoles? Then with RetroArch you have found the best. You can play games from GBA, Sega, NES, PlayStation and many other consoles. It is also considered to be one of the best PC emulators .

PPSSPP emulator

An excellent emulator for all PlayStation Portable games that you can enjoy for hours on end just like on the old console is PPSSPP . In addition to the PC version, there is also a smartphone version. To stay on the subject you can also read this guide on how to download PS3 emulator for Android .

Mame4droid emulator

MAME’s younger brother designed for smartphones is Mame4droid . It has more than 8 thousand Arcade titles on which you can have fun without technical problems or jamming.

MultiSneS9x emulator

The title does not leave much room for interpretation. MultiSneS9x was designed to emulate SNES games with the addition of an online or LAN compartment.

M64Plus FZ Emulator (N64)

Exceptional software that is characterized by very nice graphics and intuitive menus. M64Plus FZ perfectly emulates the games of the Nintendo 64.

Arcade Games Emulator Emulator

Even users who have never used an emulator can install and play with Arcade Games Emulator . There are pre-loaded games in the Arcade genre to hang out with.

ClassicBoy Gold Emulator: PlayStation 1, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy

If you’ve loved the Game Boy madly , the ClassicBoy Gold emulator  is your holy grail, great at playing games and easy to use.

To conclude, don’t miss these guides on how to download 3DS emulator for Android and where to download ROMs for emulators .

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