10 companies that are KILLING the world’s climate – U.S. companies occupy 6 slots

Climate change is an issue that the world is trying to deal with. However, until governments of the world become honest, climate change will remain an issue. There is no government as vocal about climate change as the U.S. However, how honest is the American government? The U.S. government wants Asia and Africa to focus on climate change. Technically, they are telling these regions to halt or slow down on industrialization. However, American companies destroy the world climate more than any other country. In a recent study released by the research institute, ten companies were listed as the “global companies most hindering climate policy in 2024”.

Companies kill the world’s climate

  1. Chevron (Oil and Gas) – America
  2. Exxon Mobil (Oil and Gas) – America
  3. O. BASF (Chemical Production) – Germany
  4. ConocoPhilips (Oil and Gas) – America
  5. SEMPRA (Energy) – America
  6. American Electric Power (Energy) – America
  7. Southern Company (Energy) – America
  8. Nippon Steel (Steel) – Japan
  9. PJSC Gazprom (Oil and Gas) – Russia
  10. Toyota (Automobile) – Japan

As can be seen from the list released by climate think tank InfluenceMap, American companies have six slots. How can the U.S. convince other governments to focus on climate change? Its first line of action should be to focus on American companies. It should reduce carbon release by American companies before looking at other regions. Paying other regions to grow trees instead of industries is not sustainable.

Obviously, oil and gas companies occupy most of the list. Only Toyota makes the list from the Automobile side. Toyota ranks last in decarbonization efforts. It has less than 1% of total sales of zero-emission vehicles (non hybrid). Also, its supply chain to reduce carbon release is not developed. Toyota has been offering hybrids for more than two decades. This provides a means to move to zero-emission, electric cars. Still, Toyota has been sticking to its hybrid strategy. It offers hybrid, fuel cell and gas powered vehicles. At the moment, it has no plan for a full transfer to electric vehicles.

Ed Collins, director of InfluenceMap, said… “Many of the companies on the list have made the highest commitments to combat climate change. However, they implement specific policies that oppose that goal.



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