Aloha Browser Turbo APK v4.4.3 MOD Download (Premium Unlocked)

Aloha Browser Turbo APK v4.4.3 MOD Download (Premium Unlocked)

Aloha Browser MOD APK is a web browser with a modest capacity but has good accessibility and security not inferior to any other web browser.

Aloha Browser

Mobile web browser with fast connection and high security!

There are quite a few mobile web browsers today. Each one has its own differences. But they must always meet the requirements of safety, security, and fast browsing speed. Compared to the other web browsers, Aloha Browser is a relatively new web browser. But its presence has contributed to bringing a new option for users who like simplicity and neatness. Because those are also the distinguishing features of Aloha Browser.

Aloha Browser Turbo APK v4.4.3 MOD Download (Premium Unlocked)

Simplify to be lighter and faster

Unlike other mobile web browsers, which often carry a lot of complexity and focus on many features at the same time, but eventually become confused because of those unnecessary points. Aloha Browser is simply simple. From the very beginning, the developer aimed for Aloha with a minimalist goal. Leaves all the features that do not affect the main role of the application, for absolute simplicity, light mini-capacity, and faster browsing.

Safe browsing

With a focus on maximum user safety when browsing the web on any connection, Aloha Browser integrates browser security with TouchID, has a completely free and effective VPN service available, and has unlimited capacity. Users can choose to enable or disable this VPN service, with browser-secured Touch ID as well. It’s optional, but as long as you want, you’ll be protected at all times, no longer worrying about unsafety when browsing the web.

This integrated VPN service is also a powerful way for you to hide your IP during web browsing, avoiding snooping and tracking bad software. This is also a good way for the application itself to improve browsing speed from time to time.

From the developer’s side, they also actively commit not to copy and keep any user activity, even if you have VPN mode enabled. You can be assured of absolute privacy.

Overall VPN service in Aloha Browser is good, free, has good features, and is compatible with all Android phones. When you do not know what to do, it is best to turn On mode for this appropriate VPN service of Aloha Browser. It will help you a lot.

Convenient Download Manager

In addition to fast browsing, and security support, Aloha Browser also has a Download Manager feature that helps you browse the web by tab and supports downloading data files from websites to your computer. You can download videos directly from the media player while watching online, or download music, videos, and files like on a desktop computer. Any file format can be captured and downloaded quickly when the connection is stable. You can also download multiple files at once to save time.

With this downloader, after downloading the data you can manage them easily both stored on your device or saved to cloud storage.

Aloha Browser Turbo APK v4.4.3 MOD Download (Premium Unlocked)

Ad-free browsing

Aloha Browser can block ads quite well. During web browsing, you will not be bothered by too many ads constantly appearing on the screen. The ability also once again speeds up browsing in Aloha Browser and reduces any risk of getting a virus or getting malware from hitting an ad by mistake.

Use VR directly from the browser

You do not need to go through any supporting glasses device, the Aloha Browser itself already supports the VR video viewing feature right on the application. You can watch both 360 and VR (Cardboard) videos, download videos for a better experience, or just watch them online, right from the browser. This is a rare new feature that no web browser can do. In the period when VR platforms are developing more and more strongly, virtual reality is increasingly valued and there are more applications on the Internet environment, the ability to watch this live VR of Aloha Browser is worth a big plus.

Aloha Browser Turbo APK v4.4.3 MOD Download (Premium Unlocked)

Aloha! Stay private! In this update we’ve improved our fast and secure crypto wallet:
– New features for token management;
– Dozens of wallet improvements;
– Improved VPN stability and fast connection

MOD info:

    • Premium Unlocked

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

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