Android 13 Will Alert You About your smartphone’s battery health

Android 13 will let you know your smartphone’s battery health
Android 13 will let you know your smartphone’s battery healthAndroid 13 will let you know your smartphone’s battery health

Knowing the status of an iPhone’s battery natively, which is presently unavailable on Android smartphones, is one of the most important features of Apple smartphones. But Google has now integrated this capability into Android 13’s next public beta.

Android 13: you will soon know when to change your smartphone’s battery

This helpful information about Android 13 comes to us through Twitter, namely from insider and developer Mishaal Rahman, who shares with us a screenshot from the most recent public Beta QPR1—an intermediate version containing some news that Google releases periodically. However, what does this screenshot indicate?

In the Pixel smartphone settings, the “Battery Health” data is available with a circular indicator. This screen provides us with reasonably clear explanations of the battery of the device. A review of the battery’s condition is provided below this. And in the last part, it is also mentions what may be causing issues.

For people who want to use a smartphone for a longer period of time. They can now go to check the battery status, and find out whether it needs a replacement. Google has finally added this option. The issue that now arises is whether this function will just be available on Google Pixels or whether other manufacturers will also incorporate it. This response won’t be available until Android 13 starts to appear on smartphones more often.

Other recent news regarding new features coming to Android smartphones via the Android 13 update was provided by Mishaal Rahman. One of them is “Clear Calling,” an option that claims to improve calling quality by reducing background noise.

This functionality may be turned on from the Sound and Vibration settings whenever it becomes available (although at the moment it is not clear whether it will be a Pixel exclusive or will be distributed on all smartphones compatible with the latest version of the Google operating system). According to the description, Wi-Fi calls will not get Clear Calling support. But it will function “for calls made on most mobile networks” and eliminate background noise during calls.

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