Apple iPhone/iPad Flashing Tutorial

Apple iPhone/iPad Flashing

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This article brings you a nanny-level iPhone/iPad flashing tutorial!

What you need to prepare:

1. The upgrade will retain data but please back up the data! Back up your data! Back up your data! Say important things three times!

2. Download the device firmware ( click to enter the firmware download directory );

Method 1. Flash in via iTunes

① Open iTunes;

② Connect the device to iTunes, hold down Option, and click the “Update” button;

③ Select the downloaded ipsw file, double-click or click “Open”, and click “Update” in the pop-up dialog box;

Wait for some time for the upgrade to complete.


Method 2: Flash through New Finder of macOS 10.15 or above system

If your Mac has been upgraded to macOS 10.15 Catalina or higher, you can use the new Finder to flash it (still call iTunes).

① Connect iPhone to Mac, open Finder, find iPhone in the left column, click to view the phone storage information, and there is also “Check for Update”. button, hold down Option and click “Check for Update”.

You can update the mobile phone system in New Finder▲

② Select the downloaded ipsw file and double-click or click “Open”;

③ Click “Update” in the verification information to flash the phone.


Life-saving Dharma

If the above update fails and the computer cannot be turned on, you can enter the DFU mode to update. It is important to note that, like restoring factory settings, DFU flashing will directly erase all data on the device.

The DFU mode update method is as follows:

① Connect iPhone to computer and open iTunes.

② Press the power and Home button of the iPhone at the same time for 10 seconds, then release the power button and continue to hold the Home button.

③ Subsequently, iTunes will pop up a notification indicating that the device has successfully entered DFU mode.

④ Close the dialog box and click “Restore iPhone”, iTunes will pop up a confirmation dialog box. After clicking “Next” and “Agree”, the firmware will begin to be flashed into the device.

>> For more methods and questions, you can share and discuss them in #iOS# . The guys here are all talented and speak well, and they will definitely be able to answer everyone’s questions.


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