Apple is testing scrolling lyrics for Apple Music on the web

Apple is testing scrolling lyrics for Apple Music on the web

Apple is testing scrolling lyrics for Apple Music on the web

Today, Apple updated the website for Apple Music. The company is set to introduce a new function for viewing lyrics on the web page. The beta site brings this feature while listening to Apple Music content in a browser. Users now have the option to view lyrics by tapping the speech bubble in the upper-right corner of the screen.

As you can see from the image above, the design of the lyrics interface imitates the lyrics design of the Apple Music app on the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Also, the lyrics will scroll at any time with the music on the right side of the screen. The feature is currently only available on the beta web player. However, after full testing, Apple may roll it out to in the future.

Apple released the web-based Apple Music player in 2024. The website provides the same content as the iOS and Mac versions. The site allows subscribers to listen to music on any device. Also, anyone can view the web player and listen to song clips. However, full access requires a paid Apple Music subscription tied to an Apple ID.

Apple Music free trial now for only one month

Apple has been offering a three-month free trial to first-time subscribers. This has been going on since its launch in 2015. Back in February, Apple reduced its fire trial period. The feature is offering shorter trial periods for first-time subscribers. This is active in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., and other countries. Even in China, the free trial is only one month.

Apple is testing scrolling lyrics for Apple Music on the web

However, the regular pricing remains the same. After the trial period ends, users will have to pay $9.9 each month. Popular rivals like Spotify also offer a one-month trial. There are occasional two-month trials though. It also offers a three-month free trial for users who sign up for special channels. Apple will still offer a 6-month free trial for customers of eligible AirPods, Beats, or HomePod models.

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