10 Best Books To Learn Blockchain Technologies for beginners (2024)

Best Books To Learn Blockchain Technologies for beginners in 2024. Featuring programming bibles, context-rich primers and even fiction, these are the blockchain books experts say you should be reading.

In this article, we have compiled the top books to learn Blockchain technologies for beginners. If you have been keen on the internet recently, wandering, groping and flying all over therein, there are high chances you have come face to face with the terms blockchain or cryptocurrency more than a couple of times.

What is Blockchain technology? Blockchain technology is a structure that stores transactional records, also known as the block, of the public in several databases, known as the “chain,” in a network connected through peer-to-peer nodes.

Blockchain’s genuine use value has led to steady adoption in a disparate array of industries, including media (where it aids trademarking), healthcare (where it keeps patient records secure) and, of course, finance. All of this means that while ignoring the hype and clearing the high technical bar may seem challenging, doing so is a must.

Cryptocurrency like the Dollar or Euro is a means of exchange in trade. The only difference is that Cryptocurrency is completely electronic and there is no central body that manages and maintains its value. Their value is distributed among all of its users via the internet. Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 described Bitcoin -the first Cryptocurrency project- as “an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust”. The proof Nakamoto talks about is brought to the fore in the form of electronic transactions that are evidenced and documented in a form of a program called a blockchain. And that is how Cryptocurrency and blockchain work together.

From blockchain-meets-macroeconomics texts to explorations of key concepts like decentralization and asset distribution, here are their picks of the best Books To Learn Blockchain Technologies for beginners in 2024.

The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains

To capture a little bit of information about the author of this bestseller book, Antony became so interested in a niche online currency called Bitcoin in 2013, he left a conventional banking career to join a little startup called itBit. itBit is a bitcoin exchange, a website where clients can buy and sell bitcoins. After itBit, Antony privately consulted to clients mainly in the finance and consulting sectors, writing papers and running workshops to explain this new technology to curious professionals. He has done much more than this and he has written one of the finest books to help people interested in this niche to have a firm understanding thereof.

The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains cover topics such as the history of Bitcoin, the Bitcoin blockchain, and Bitcoin buying, selling, and mining. It also answers how payments are made and how transactions are kept secure. Other cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency pricing are examined, answering how one puts value on cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. You will learn about notable blockchain platforms, smart contracts, and other important facets of blockchains and their function in the changing cyber economy.

Moreover, the text offers trustworthy and balanced insights to those interested in Bitcoin investing or investing in other cryptocurrency platforms. Discover the risks and mitigations, learn how to identify scams, and understand cryptocurrency exchanges, digital wallets, and regulations with this book. You’ll also learn about the evolution and potential impacts of Bitcoin and blockchains on global businesses.

As a bestseller, you will have an in-depth introductory guide that is accessible and well-balanced to accommodate those who are new in the field as well as those who would wish to deepen the basic knowledge they may have about this niche. It is a must-read if you intend to start investing in any cryptocurrency platform because you will be armed with the right kind of information you need. Pick it up from Amazon and start investing like a boss. Cryptocurrency is the future.

Blockchain For Dummies

Author Tiana is an experienced operational investor and venture fundraiser, having founded, funded
and exited several companies. She is also a sought-after public speaker and Amazon-bestselling
the author who intends to enlighten you about blockchain technology in this resource.

In Blockchain For Dummies, she provides a fast way to catch up with the essentials of this quickly evolving tech. Since she has been involved in founding and analyzing blockchain solutions, this book serves to help those who need to understand what a blockchain can and cannot do.

This revised edition walks you through how a blockchain securely records data across independent networks. It offers a tour of some of the world’s best-known blockchains, including those that power Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It also provides a glance at how blockchain solutions are affecting the worlds of finance, supply chain management, insurance, and governments.

  • Get a clear picture of what a blockchain can do
  • Learn how blockchains rule cryptocurrency and smart contracts
  • Discover current blockchains and how each of them works
  • Test blockchain apps

If you have read any dummies series of books, you should agree that they take a completely basic approach so that anyone can easily access the material being shared and instructed. This text is no different. Tiana having the right experience serves as the best instructor to earn you the skill and knowledge you require to succeed in this growing cyber-money paradigm.

Blockchain Revolution

Don Tapscott is the CEO of the Tapscott Group and one of the most influential living theorists about business and society. In November 2013, Thinkers50 named Don as the 4th most important business thinker in the world. Co-author Alex Tapscott is the CEO and founder of Northwest Passage Ventures, an advisory firm building blockchain companies. In 2014 he wrote the seminal report on governing digital curren­cies for the Global Solutions Network program at the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

In this revelatory book, Don and Alex Tapscott deliver to us this brilliantly researched, highly readable, and essential book about the technology driving the future of the economy.

Blockchain is the ingeniously simple, revolution­ary protocol that allows transactions to be simultaneously anonymous and secure by maintaining a tamperproof public ledger of value. Though it is best known as the technology that drives bitcoin and other digital cur­rencies, it also has the potential to go far beyond currency, to record virtually everything of value to humankind, from birth and death certifi­cates to insurance claims, land titles, and even votes.

As with major paradigm shifts that preceded it, blockchain technology will create winners and losers. This book shines a light on where it can lead us in the next decade and beyond.

Blockchain Basics

The author, Daniel Drescher, ensured that whoever is interested in this subject does necessarily require any previous knowledge in computer science, mathematics, programming or cryptography. If you genuinely want to get a general idea of what blockchain technology is, how it works, and how it will potentially change the financial system as we know it, then pick this resource and start.

In 25 concise steps, you will learn the basics of blockchain technology. No mathematical formulas, program code, or computer science jargon are used. The resource bridges the gap that exists between purely technical books about the blockchain and purely business-focused books. It does so by explaining both the technical concepts that make up the blockchain and their role in business-relevant applications.

In a simple and informative style, Daniel Drescher captures the most important aspects of blockchain unobtrusively using plain language for any interested audience to benefit.

Blockchain Bubble or Revolution

Authored by 3 Silicon Valley leaders from Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, this brilliant book cuts through the hype to offer a balanced, comprehensive, and accessible analysis of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Neel Mehta is a Product Manager at Google. Previously, he worked at Khan Academy and Microsoft and founded the Civic Digital Fellowship, the first fully-funded technology internship program in the federal government. Aditya Agashe on the other hand is a Program Manager at Microsoft. He is the founder of Belle Applications, a company that builds and optimizes software platforms for businesses. Parth Detroja, another brilliant contributor, is a Product Manager at Facebook. He has previously worked at Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM.

Gauging from the cadre of authors, you will definitely have a wonderful chance to learn the core concepts of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies to understand their strengths and weaknesses from real-world case studies. You will dive deep into their technical, economic, political, and legal complexities; and gain insights about their future from exclusive interviews with dozens of tech industry leaders.

The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything

The authors of this book have quite interesting perspectives that they foresee in the digital currency space. Michael J. Casey is a senior advisor at MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative and chairman of CoinDesk’s advisory board while his co-author Paul Vigna is a reporter at The Wall Street Journal.

In The Truth Machine, the two authors demystify the blockchain and explain why it can restore personal control over our data, assets, and identities; grant billions of excluded people access to the global economy; and shift the balance of power to revive society’s faith in itself. They reveal the disruption it promises for industries including finance, tech, legal, and shipping.

Casey and Vigna expose the challenge of replacing trusted (and not-so-trusted) institutions on which we’ve relied for centuries with a radical model that bypasses them. The Truth Machine reveals the empowerment possible when self-interested middlemen give way to the transparency of the blockchain while highlighting the job losses, the assertion of special interests, and the threat to social cohesion that will accompany this shift.

Mastering Blockchain

Author Imran Bashir has extensive experience in both the public and financial sectors, having worked on large-scale IT projects in the public sector before moving to the financial services industry. He has an M.Sc. in Information Security from Royal Holloway, University of London, and has a background in software development, solution architecture, infrastructure management, and IT service management. He presents this resource that handles the basics of blockchain to accommodate people who would wish to master this new paradigm of trading.

Apart from covering the basics, including blockchain’s technical underpinnings, cryptography, and consensus protocols, this book provides you with expert knowledge on decentralization, decentralized application development on Ethereum, Bitcoin, alternative coins, smart contracts, alternative blockchains, and Hyperledger.

Furthermore, you will explore how to implement blockchain solutions beyond cryptocurrencies, such as the Internet of Things with blockchain, blockchain scalability, enterprise blockchains, tokenization using blockchain, and the future scope of this fascinating and disruptive technology.

By the end of this book, you will have gained a thorough understanding of the various facets of blockchain technology and be comfortable applying them to diverse real-world scenarios.

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