Best OnlyFans Alternatives [7 best OnlyFans Alternatives]

Best OnlyFans Alternatives [7 best OnlyFans Alternatives]
Best OnlyFans Alternatives [7 best OnlyFans Alternatives]Best OnlyFans Alternatives [7 best OnlyFans Alternatives]

The policy change that would have made Ad.ult content unavailable on the platform as of September 1 was immediately stopped by OnlyFans. The decision was delayed but not reversed to avoid significant economic harm, but we still want to show you the top OnlyFans alternatives.

OnlyFans is a platform for sharing content for adults, primarily videos and photos, where users can gain access to all contents after paying a membership fee to the social network. No content is available for free.

Over 90% of users use the platform to share and view Ad.ult content, so if it were to stop offering or drastically reduce hard content, it might soon face closure.

Therefore, you are in the right place to get all available alternatives to OnlyFans.

There are plenty of options for OnlyFans. Here we have chosen the best ones currently available if you are looking for another source of business.

The Best Alternatives to OnlyFans

Although there are already unpopular substitutes like Twitter (which permits sharing any content), Reddit, or MeWe. Other platforms besides OnlyFans exist and function largely in the same way. These are them.

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Just4Fans is perhaps the most famous of all. It offers 70% of its earnings compared to the proposed price, and its business is precisely on S3x Workers, so it will never change the policy. High percentages but services and very high market penetration.


Fansly is a social network that allows you to share Ad.ult content in a very simple way with a continuous stream of content that are unlocked only if you pay the monthly subscription. Everything is allowed without violating the law, and the earnings are 80% of the offered price.


PocketStar, just like OnlyFans, allows you to upload any content, including videos and images, that they can then provide to everyone upon subscription payment. It should be noted that the contents do not necessarily have to be for adults but can also be of a different nature, such as cuisine, beauty, and more. PocketStar offers 80% of each transaction, and access is dedicated to those who are at least 18 years old.


AVN Stars allows you to upload photos and videos to your profile, and anyone who wants to follow you will have to pay the monthly subscription, which you can choose freely with always 80% of the profit. You can also provide free access, and payments will be directed into their account and also activate payments for individual transactions, such as live or the sale of private photos and videos.


LoyalFans is more like a social network with influencers and creators and artists and public figures, who allow you to advertise a lot by keeping only 20% of the chosen price. Top assistance and functionality are always in step with fashion and other competitors.


Cam4 instead allows you to create live broadcasts using the webcam, and obviously, to become famous immediately and earn, you have to do a lot of live broadcasts, in jargon, so that they know you and subscribe to your channel. It is slightly different from the others but still with the same purpose.


NaftyFans opens up the world of cryptocurrencies with a coin of their own, which allows you to share photos and videos as you would on Instagram, and your followers pay to follow you. Commissions of only 10%, therefore retaining 90% of the earnings, and it works very well.

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