Best TikTok Handles To Watch Sports News

Best TikTok Handles To Watch Sports News

Best TikTok Handles To Watch Sports News

Best TikTok Handles To Watch Sports News

Sick of Twitter trolls? TikTok, which may be the most popular new social platform since Snapchat more than five years ago, contains an infinite number of sports video memes and informative sports videos.

TikTok has worked diligently to expand its presence in the sports industry over the past few years through extensive live streaming, content collaborations, and sponsorship deals, and you can even get NFL odds with ease.

These accounts we’ll talk about meet all requirements and exemplify the essence of TikTok. The sports accounts in review excel at providing concise, shareable content, being timely, and understanding their audience. 


Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks quickly caught on to the trends and produced high-quality, engaging content that NBA fans enjoyed the most. In addition to reels featuring popular TikTok music, they actively involve their players by allowing them to create numerous behind-the-scenes videos. This grants fans access to previously unavailable content.

Giannis, one of the league’s most charismatic basketball players, should be discussed separately. This guy’s short video clips from games and workouts demonstrate his wit and musical prowess.


German Soccer Content Hub

DAZN, the giant streaming site, and the social media app TikTok have collaborated to create a new section on the app for behind-the-scenes coverage of German soccer. The Football Hub will only be accessible to TikTok users in Germany. It is being produced with the assistance of the German soccer publication Kicker.

The hub, according to DAZN, features an in-app game that allows TikTok users to “join as teams and wager on the outcomes of the Bundesliga’s biggest games.” DAZN signed an agreement in June to live stream 106 Bundesliga games per season in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland through 2025.

Alphonso Davies, a Bayern Munich player, and Fabian Pecher, a well-known social media figure in Germany, will help upload videos to the hub. In addition, there will be tutorials on how to improve your soccer skills, hashtag challenges, and commentary on the most recent soccer news.


Barstool sports

Barstool Sports has 1,090,000,000 likes and 16,38,000,000 followers on TikTok and close to 6,118 videos.

Barstool Sports is the most well-known sports media brand and has a respected voice. Their presence at sporting events increases youth’s awareness, interest, and likelihood to watch.

It is one of America’s most influential sports creators. It provides interesting information regarding ice hockey, basketball, baseball, and other sports. 

Barstool Sports has existed for eighteen years, and its audience is the most sought-after, devoted, and engaged. This has propelled Barstool to the top of the rankings and a good place for NFL lines.


Vegas Golden Knights

One of the most talented teams has brought its abilities to TikTok. The NHL team @vegasgoldenknights account features a 60-second video showcasing the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas and the true spirit of the Vegas brand. 

On this channel, trends, viral soundbites, and player pranks are common, but the players also demonstrate their skill on the ice. The Golden Knights create a TikTok account that offers something for everyone, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the content kings. You’ll enjoy Vegas NFL odds as you stream your sports.


Ryan Garcia

In January this year, Ryan defeated Luke Campbell, propelling the Mexican-American boxer to the limelight. 

The athlete posts episodes of his life, videos he creates with famous bloggers, and extensive training on his account. It’s fantastic that he hits so quickly. If you believe Ryan Garcia will win, you can wager on his fights with one of the bookmakers listed on Meta reviews.

Ryan Garcia’s YouTube channel has approximately 3.2 million subscribers. He was once the interim lightweight champion for the WBC. Boxing enthusiasts will find this account intriguing. 



The number of views on ESPN continues to rise as its fan base expands. If you like sports, you’ll have a good time reading about the best parts of sporting events and enjoying the great content. ESPN has recently launched two new accounts: ESPN Ringside for boxing and ESPN MMA for mixed martial arts competitions.

ESPN is one of the most popular accounts on TikTok, with more than 1,880 videos posted. They publish a great deal of content that receives significant attention. Like other football live scores and highlights channels, ESPN provides the most current sports information and analysis.

ESPN’s initial TikTok video focused on sports. ESPN has 12.5 million subscribers and 698.4 million viewers who enjoy its videos.

30,2K people follow ESPN Ringside, and 930,7K like its videos. Currently, eight million engage with the account ESPN Ringside, while MMA has fifteen million.

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