Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android and iOS

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android and iOS (2022)

WhatsApp is said to be the best instant messaging app on Android and iOS, while there’s no argument about that, I’ve checked out some cool instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. I call them WhatsApp alternatives and you can check them out in this article.

If you’re looking for other apps like WhatsApp, you can check out some of the best WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS in this article on Naijatechnews.

Since the change in WhatsApp privacy policy, there has been a trend with different users thinking of the next instant messaging app to use since they wouldn’t feel safe on WhatsApp. Well, it’s always a good thing you have NaijaKnowHow as your favourite tech blog when it comes to reading the latest techy updates.

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android and iOS (2024)Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android and iOS (2024)

In an article I talked about how to delete your WhatsApp account, here’s another article that’ll give you insight on the best WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS. WhatsApp is good but these apps are quite better.

List of the Best WhatsApp Alternatives on Android and iOS

These apps are available on Android and IOS, they value people’s privacy and wouldn’t be scary to use them as some of these apps even have more features than WhatsApp.

1. Signal Private Messenger

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android and iOS (2024)

Signal Private Messenger is an open-sourced instant messaging app where users can have the freedom to chat, text and call without the fear of being monitored or tracked. Signal was even recommended by the world richest person Elon Musk, he recommended it as the best WhatsApp alternative you can use.

Worried about features? Signal Private Messenger has some cool features as well, you won’t be tracked, you won’t see advertisements. It’s one of the WhatsApp alternatives in 2024.

[appbox googleplay org.thoughtcrime.securesms]

[appbox appstore id874139669]


2. Wickr Me – Private Messenger

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android and iOS (2024)

Wickr Me is another instant messaging app you can use as a private messenger and this app has some similarities with Signal Private Messenger but they’re both different when it comes to user experience, but overall features of Wickr Me makes it one of the best WhatsApp alternatives in 2024.

Wickr Me has a lot of cool features and it’s considered as an alternative to WhatsApp, you can download and install this on Android and IOS.

[appbox googleplay com.mywickr.wickr2]

[appbox appstore id528962154]


3. Telegram

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android and iOS (2024)

Telegram has always been a long term competitor of WhatsApp and still is. Now is the time you turn your attention to Telegram if you’re looking for an instant messaging app that wouldn’t get you worried about sharing your privacy. Telegram is one of the most secured instant messaging apps out there.

It’s a perfect alternative to WhatsApp and it has ton’s of features you wouldn’t find on WhatsApp. It’s also the fastest instant messaging app online.

[appbox googleplay org.telegram.messenger]

[appbox appstore id686449807]


4. Threema

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android and iOS (2024)

When it comes to secure messaging, Threema is one of the known apps to offer just what you needed, and this app is so good that its anonymity and privacy level is topnotch. Threema is open source just like Signal Private Messenger and it allows the making of end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls.

You wouldn’t mind spending some bucks on getting this app, it’s very good and also has a lot of features and it also allows you to use the web version, which means you can text and make calls on Threema with your PC.

[appbox googleplay]

[appbox appstore id578665578]


5. Viber Messenger

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android and iOS (2024)

Viber Messenger alongside the likes of WhatsApp and telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging apps online. Features wise, it has amazing features compared to the other instant messaging apps listed with it. But the good thing about Viber Messenger is that it’s secured.

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Secured, fast and very easy to use. You can use Viber Messenger as an alternative to WhatsApp if you feel worried about the new WhatsApp Privacy Policy update. There’s a lot you can do with this app and it offers a smooth user experience.

[appbox googleplay com.viber.voip]

[appbox appstore id382617920]


These apps also have privacy policies and they do collect users data to further improve their apps, but they don’t track and will never link your info to a third-party like how it is on WhatsApp. And it’s not a necessity to stop using WhatsApp also. These apps are only listed to give you insights into other secured instant messaging apps out there and it’s also for educational purpose.


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