BMW will launch L3 autonomous driving system in Germany


BMW will launch L3 autonomous driving system in Germany: you can watch videos while driving, priced at 6,000 euros.

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BMW will launch its Personal Pilot L3 autonomous driving system in the German market. This system is similar to Mercedes-Benz’s DRIVE PILOT system. They are both L3-level autonomous driving systems that can temporarily distract the driver. Control the vehicle’s speed, distance to the vehicle in front and lane position without driver intervention while paying attention.

BMW said in a press release that the Personal Pilot L3 system will be available in the new BMW 7 Series. Currently, this system is only available in the German market, priced at 6,000 euros. Like Mercedes-Benz’s DRIVE PILOT system, BMW’s Personal Pilot L3 system can only be activated under certain conditions. For example, the system can only be used on motorways with structurally separated lanes at speeds up to 60 km/h . However, BMW emphasizes that its system can be used in the dark.

Once the Personal Pilot L3 system is activated, drivers can engage in secondary in-car activities, including those that require them to take their eyes off the road, including checking and editing email, engaging in deeper phone conversations, and Access streaming services . This is hinted at in an image provided by BMW in a press release about the system, which shows a video streaming service playing on the vehicle’s infotainment display . Similar to other advanced driver assistance systems, the Personal Pilot L3 system will alert the driver when manual intervention is required. These alerts include visual and audible reminders. BMW notes that if the driver fails to react, the vehicle will come to a controlled stop.

BMW’s launch of L3 autonomous driving system in Germany is a good sign for the system’s release in other markets. Mercedes-Benz originally launched its DRIVE PILOT system in Germany in May 2023. This year, the company began to obtain approval for its L3 autonomous driving system in the United States, first making it available in Nevada.


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