China’s 6G wireless hotspot technology research (2021) released: peak rate 1Tbps, delay 0.1ms

The information and communication industry is a strategic, basic and leading industry that builds national information infrastructure, provides network and information services, and comprehensively supports economic and social development. The latest generation of mobile communication technology 5G is being deployed and commercialized on a large scale. At the same time, global 6G research has entered the stage of competition. Since 2019, Guangdong New Generation Communication and Network Innovation Research Institute (Yuetong Institute) has jointly carried out 6G channel simulation with Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Jiaotong University, ZTE Corporation, and Institute of Aerospace Information Innovation, Chinese Academy of Sciences Research on 6G hotspot technologies such as terahertz communications, orbital angular momentum.

On this basis, the research team and China United Network Communications Co., Ltd. will continue to evaluate the current status and follow-up development direction and industrialization capabilities of the new 6G wireless communication technology and put forward reflections, and launch the “6G Wireless Hotspot Technology Research White Paper” (2021) , To provide reference and support for future 6G research.

At present, with the advancement of 6G research in various countries and industries, the vision, scenarios and basic indicators of 6G communication have made new progress. Compared with the current 5G communication, the 6G communication network will be further integrated with cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. At the same time, in order to meet the future demand for wireless transmission in a highly intelligent, highly digitalized and highly informationized society, the dimension and breadth of wireless connections in 6G wireless networks will be greatly improved, supporting such as ultra-large bandwidth video transmission and ultra-low latency industrial Many scenarios such as the Internet of Things and the integration of air, space and ground.

Vision and support of the above applications, performance requirements 6G communication system must be implemented such large peak rate and 1Gbps 1Tbps user experience large rate, low latency and high 0.1ms moving speed communication, high frequency spectrum utilization . In order to support extremely high peak rates, the maximum supported access bandwidth must be greatly increased. The millimeter wave band can support bandwidths up to 10 GHz, while the terahertz and visible light bands can reach 100 GHz. Laser, visible light communication and terahertz waveband communication are the subjects of 6G research.

The white paper mentions that 6G will complete the “Massive Internet of Things” and “Intelligent Connection of Everything” to create a land-sea-air-space integrated communication network. There will be a large number of interconnected terminal devices on land, sea and sky. Using the real-time sensing and intelligent computing capabilities of these hundreds of millions of sensors to support multi-terminal sharing of AI computing power, the AI ​​on the smart terminal device side will also formally move from a single device and multiple devices to a distributed and decentralized model, which is 6G The heterogeneous, multi-terminal real-time perception computing provides strong support.

Based on ubiquitous big data, the 6G network will empower AI applications in various fields and create a “smart ubiquitous” world. 6G will further surpass the edge computing in the 5G era and move towards “on-network computing”, and then provide the basis of computing power for “ubiquitous intelligence”. Computing power will move from extension to endogenous, and ultimately achieve the deep integration of network and computing.

This white paper summarizes the application and development of various hotspot technologies in 6G wireless communication around the above vision. For the full text of the white paper, please check the link below.

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