GTA 3 MOD APK+ OBB DATA FILE V1.8 For Android Users

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Grand Theft Auto III is a 2001 action-adventure game developed by DMA Design and published by Rockstar Games. It is the third main entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, following 1999’s Grand Theft Auto 2, and the fifth instalment overall. Wikipedia
Initial release date: 22 October 2001
Platforms: Android, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, iOS, Xbox, Fire OS, Mac operating systems
Mode: Single-player video game
Awards: Golden Joystick Award for Game of the Year
Composer: Craig Conner
Genres: Action-adventure game, Racing Video Game, Third-person shooter
Developers: Rockstar North, Grove Street Games, DMA Design on Playstore & Applestore

Grand Theft Auto III,” often abbreviated as GTA 3, is a groundbreaking open-world action-adventure game developed by Rockstar Games. Released in 2001, it revolutionized the gaming industry by introducing a fully immersive 3D world where players could explore, commit crimes, and engage in an extensive storyline. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what makes GTA 3 a legendary title, its device requirements, how to install it, how to play the game, and a final word on its impact on the gaming landscape.

GTA 3 Apk + Obb data

Download GTA 3 Apk Data Obb version 1.8 for Android, with recent fixes and overall game play improvement.
Grand Theft Auto III for Android, one of the best and top selling rockstar game for more than 10 years. GTA 3 Apk has been played on more than 5 million Android device from around the world because GTA lovers are so addicted and can’t just get there hands off this game.

The process needed to setup GTA III Apk + Obb will be shown to you in full steps below and you will be able to play it after installing it on your device.

One thing for sure is that, I remember when I was growing up, my friend introduce me to various GTA gaming series, and San Andreas was among them, even though the it comes with different story lines compare to GTA 3 vice city, back then in my neighbourhood we are free to do anything we like similar to GTA games, playing video games is our hobby in those days.

In 2005 GTA 3 was released for various gaming console like Playing Station 2, 3 and Xbox gaming consoles, later on, it was released to the Android market or platform.

At first nobody thought that GTA 3 will be able to make its way to Google play store, after waiting for a long period of time. But Rockstar gaming network, has taking a bold step to make it available for every Android phone user around the world. Another setback was because of the high end graphics that comes with GTA 3 Apk, there was unusual delay in bringing it to Android operating system in 2005.


But now with a good high end mobile device you will be able to run GTA 3 Apk smoothly, if you follow the necessary steps in setting up this game to your device and you put the Obb file in the right folder.

GTA 3 Game Description For Android

The critically acclaimed blockbuster Grand Theft Auto III comes to mobile devices, bringing to life the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty City. With a massive and diverse open world, a wild cast of characters from every walk of life and the freedom to explore at will, Grand Theft Auto III puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of crime at your fingertips.

With stellar voice acting, a darkly comic storyline, a stunning soundtrack and revolutionary open-world gameplay, Grand Theft Auto III is the game that defined the open world genre for a generation.

Features Of GTA 3 Apk

You might be wondering what are the features of GTA III Apk, this is what you will get to read below as you scroll down:

  • High quality stunning graphics with latest cars model and game characters
  • Support Various resolutions of Android phones which is also in high quality.
  • Gameplay works in touch screen devices without lagging
  • You can customise game controls to suit your preference.
  • Can be played for a long period of time, approximately for more than 12 hours.
  • Supports haptic feedback vibration.
  • See the new visual display and enjoy get the best graphics quality by tuning the new video display settings.


Device Requirements To Play GTA 3 Apk On Android

Normally the developer of this game said you will need a high end Android phone, but I know as you are reading this post it won’t be hard for GTA 3 to run on your phone, because I believe that modern Android device have meet the minimum requirements to play GTA III on Android. Another thing is to have up to 1gb free storage space on your device, so that it won’t lag during gameplay.

Before diving into the crime-filled streets of Liberty City, ensure your device meets the game’s requirements:

  • Operating System: Android 7.0 and up
  • CPU: Quad-core 1.8 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM or more
  • GPU: Adreno 430, Mali-T760, PowerVR GT7800, or higher
  • Storage: Approximately 1.5 GB of free storage space


Why GTA 3 is a Landmark in Gaming

  1. Open-World Liberty City: GTA 3 takes place in Liberty City, a sprawling, fictional metropolis heavily inspired by New York City. It was one of the first games to introduce players to an open-world environment where they could roam freely and interact with the surroundings.
  2. Engaging Storyline: The game features a compelling storyline filled with crime, intrigue, and memorable characters. Players assume the role of Claude, a silent protagonist, as he navigates the criminal underworld.
  3. Freedom of Choice: GTA 3 offers players the freedom to choose their path. You can follow the main storyline, engage in side missions, or simply wreak havoc on the city streets.
  4. Diverse Activities: From car theft to bank heists, taxi missions, and even vigilante work, GTA 3 offers a wide array of activities to keep players engaged for hours.
  5. Radio Stations: The game features a diverse selection of radio stations with licensed music and humorous talk shows, adding to the immersive experience of driving through the city.


Download GTA 3 Apk Obb Data On Android

Apk: GTA 3 V1.8 Apk (30 MB)

Obb Data: Obb Data GTA 3 (600 MB)

All the links above are up to date, you shouldn’t have any problem while accessing them, know that it is necessary to download both the first and second files above which are the Apk and Obb data file which is in zip format.

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How To Install GTA 3 Apk Obb Data Android Device

First of all you must have downloaded the required files above which are GTA 3 Apk + Obb Data files.

Use >>  Zarchiver App Apk To extract.

Steps To Install GTA 3 Apk Obb Data files are:

  1. Using Zarchiver Apk App.
  2. Open and locate Grand Theft Auto III Zip file.
  3. Click on it option Menu will come up.
  4. Click “Extract” from the option menu.
  5. Go to Phone or Device Memory.
  6. Click on Android folder
  7. Now stay there and click on extract icon, which looks like a arrow pointing downwards.
  8. Obb Data files for GTA 3 will be automatically extracted successfully into Obb Data folders.
  9. you can click the obb data folder to see if com.rockstar.gta3 folders are there.
  10. finally install GTA 3 apk and open it, remember to change the Game language to English.

And that’s all, you have finally successfully installed GTA 3 Apk obb with the game data, you can now enjoy the game for as long as you wish, share with friends and see the real world of Grand Theft Auto III.

How to Play GTA 3

Now that you have the game installed, it’s time to explore Liberty City:

  1. Launch the Game: Tap on the game’s icon to launch GTA 3.
  2. Main Menu: Explore the main menu to start a new game, load a saved game, access settings, or view game statistics.
  3. Controls: Familiarize yourself with the game’s controls. Use the virtual on-screen buttons to navigate, drive, shoot, and interact with objects and NPCs.
  4. Missions: Follow the main storyline by completing missions assigned to you by various characters. Each mission brings new challenges and objectives.
  5. Exploration: Take time to explore Liberty City. You can steal cars, engage in street races, provoke law enforcement, or simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the city.
  6. Radio Stations: While driving, tune in to various radio stations to enjoy music, news, and comedic commentary.


Grand Theft Auto III marked a turning point in the world of gaming, introducing players to the concept of open-world exploration, freedom of choice, and immersive storytelling. With its captivating storyline, diverse activities, and the iconic Liberty City, it’s no wonder that GTA 3 holds a special place in the hearts of gamers. Whether you’re revisiting this classic or experiencing it for the first time on your mobile device, get ready for a thrilling adventure filled with crime, chaos, and countless hours of entertainment. It’s time to make your mark in the criminal underworld of GTA 3.

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