Duolingo Alternatives: Best Apps Like Duolingo for Android and iOS

Duolingo Alternatives: Best Apps Like Duolingo for Android and iOS

Duolingo Alternatives: Best Apps Like Duolingo for Android and iOS – If you’re looking for the best apps like Duolingo to learn new languages on your Android or iOS device, we’ve got you covered in this article.

When it comes to learning languages on smartphones, Duolingo is one of the best language learning apps for Android and iOS and it’s an app that’ll let you learn more than 10 different languages at once.

While this app is quite popular, there are some languages you won’t be able to learn on it and you can on other apps. That’s why in today’s article on Naijatechnews, I’ve decided to list the best apps like Duolingo. These similar apps like Duolingo will let you learn different languages on your mobile phone.

List of The Best Apps Like Duolingo for Android and iOS

Below are the best Duolingo alternatives out there for Android and iOS. If you want to learn a language that is not on Duolingo, you’ll find them on these apps.

1. Yabla

Duolingo Alternatives: Best Apps Like Duolingo for Android and iOS

Yabla is an app that provides lessons in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. There are also a variety of courses to choose from such as Traveling Europe, Basic Conversations in Japan or even learning how to order coffee in Italy. Yabla provides you with the opportunity to learn conversational phrases quickly and easily through interactive conversations.

The app allows students to save progress on their phones so they can continue practising anywhere, anytime. You can also see what words you have learned by looking at your personalized flashcards with audio pronunciations by native speakers, available vocabulary lists and grammar explanations among other things. Note that there are different variations of the app on the Apple Store, so be sure to search for the language version you want.


[appbox googleplay com.yabla.yabla]
[appbox appstore id699847367]


2. LingoDeer

Duolingo Alternatives: Best Apps Like Duolingo for Android and iOS

Lingodeer is a mobile app for language learners. It offers courses in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German. Its interactive lessons are created by professional translators and teachers with expertise in language instruction. They have been designed to be as engaging as possible and the app is tailored to suit the needs of different age groups.

This app is available on Android and iOS. It’s more about learning basic vocabulary, phrases and grammar so you can hold conversations. If you want an alternative to Duolingo that will help you speak from day one, then LingoDeer could be a good option.


[appbox googleplay com.lingodeer]

[appbox appstore id1261193709]

3. Busuu

Duolingo Alternatives: Best Apps Like Duolingo for Android and iOS

Busuu is one of the most popular language learning apps. It has a great interface and learning material which could be the reasons why Busuo may be better for you than other apps. Busuu is free to use but has a premium membership that’ll let you learn different languages at your own pace.

The app allows you to learn a language while simultaneously practising your English skills because it’s available in both English and Spanish languages. The company offers 4 different levels with over 100 activities per level that cover reading, listening, writing, speaking and grammar pronunciation, Busuu is one of the best apps like Duolingo.

[appbox googleplay com.busuu.android.enc]

[appbox appstore id379968583]


4. Babbel

Duolingo Alternatives: Best Apps Like Duolingo for Android and iOS

Babbel is a language-learning app for both Android and iOS that has over 20 different languages to choose from. With a one-time purchase, you can download the app on your mobile device and get started with your language learning journey. Babbel offers language learning courses in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, GermGermanan, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi (Indian), Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian) Russian and Spanish.

This app is great for beginners to advanced learners because you can go at your own pace. Babbel also offers courses in grammar which are perfect if you need more structure or want to brush up on grammar rules, the app has cool features and that’s why it’s one of the best apps like Duolingo.

[appbox googleplay com.babbel.mobile.android.en]

[appbox appstore id829587759]


5. Memrise

Duolingo Alternatives: Best Apps Like Duolingo for Android and iOS

Memrise is one of the best alternatives to Duolingo because it’s free and allows you to learn at your own pace. While Memrise doesn’t have as many languages available as Duolingo, it has a variety that ranges from beginner-level to advanced. Another great feature of Memrise is its clean interface that includes all levels of vocabulary with audio recordings.

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Furthermore, there are tests at the end of each level in order to show how well you’ve learned a language. In order for Memrise to be comparable with Duolingo, they need to add more languages because Duolingo has over 30 languages compared to Memrise 23.


[appbox googleplay com.memrise.android.memrisecompanion]

[appbox appstore id635966718]

6. Learn Spanish – Español

Duolingo Alternatives: Best Apps Like Duolingo for Android and iOS

Duolingo offers Spanish courses and there’s no doubt about how effective it is to learn through it. But nothing feels better than having an app that’ll let you learn Spanish only, Learn Spanish is an app designed to teach you how to understand and speak Spanish via different Spanish courses that it offers. You can learn two types of Spanish from this app, you can Spain Spanish and Mexico Spanish.

With over 200 lessons and exercises to go through every day, this app proves to be better than Duolingo and it has a lot of features, it’s a very good language learning app and also one of the best apps like Duolingo for Android and iOS.

[appbox googleplay com.wlingua.spanishcourse]

[appbox appstore id1426485073]


7. Learn Languages

Duolingo Alternatives: Best Apps Like Duolingo for Android and iOS

Learn Languages is a language app that offers more than 10 different courses to learn some of the world’s popular languages. This includes vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening. One of the best features of Learn Languages is its spaced repetition system which helps you remember words more easily with less effort.

This app also has voice recognition software so you can practice your pronunciation while speaking sentences aloud. Another benefit is how easy it is to customize Learn Languages lessons according to your needs.

[appbox googleplay com.funeasylearn.languages]


For learning new languages without using Duolingo, these are the best apps like Duolingo that you can use on your Android and iOS device. These apps offer a large number of courses in different languages that you can learn on your mobile phone.

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