Everything You Need To Know About NordVPN & SurfShark Merging

While a merger makes it sound like the two companies will become one, that’s not exactly what’s going on here. So why is this merger happening? And how will it affect users of the two service providers?

Who Are NordVPN and SurfShark?

Technically speaking, NordVPN is the name of a product offered by Nord Security, an industry leader in cybersecurity. Nord Security offers a suite of five products, including its popular and highly-secure password manager, NordPass.

SurfShark also offers a suite of security products, including a VPN, Alert, Antivirus, and Search. While it hasn’t been part of the industry as long, it’s fast-growing, which caught the attention of Nord Security.

Until recently, the companies were competitors, offering a comparable VPN with a different lineup of products.

What Does the NordVPN and SurfShark Merger Mean?

Private Internet Access, CyberGhost, and ZenMate, all VPNs, are just some of the brands that have been acquired by Kape Technologies over the years. Most recently, in September 2021, Kape Technologies acquired ExpressVPN.

An update on Nord Security’s blog states the companies are coming together to “strengthen their industry positioning,” a process which started in mid-2021. While the timing is notable, there’s no way to know if Nord and SurfShark were in discussions about teaming up before hearing the news about ExpressVPN.

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Either way, the companies are stronger together against industry giants such as Kape Technologies and Ziff Davis. As the update explains “the merger will mark the beginning of the largest internet security and privacy powerhouse.”

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What Does This Mean for NordVPN and SurfShark Users?

Nord Security made it clear that the companies will continue to work autonomously. Each will develop and improve its own products and security solutions and keep its own client base.

If you’re currently a NordVPN or SurfShark customer, this means you’ll continue to receive the same service. The merger will simply bring the privacy-focused teams together to share resources, strategies, and work toward a common goal within the industry.


NordVPN and SurfShark Going Forward

While a merger could mean NordVPN and SurfShark turn into one big brand, that’s simply not the case. The two companies will work together, but continue operating as separate entities.

As they work toward common goals in the cybersecurity space, they’ll continue on their own product path that will help you improve your digital privacy and security.

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