All the Transactions To Do On ‘First Bank Mobile Internet Banking App’

All the Transactions To Do On ‘First Bank Mobile Internet Banking App’
All the Transactions To Do On ‘First Bank Mobile Internet Banking App’

All the Transactions To Do On ‘First Bank Mobile Internet Banking App’First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) has stressed the importance of the First Bank mobile internet banking app and has urged its customers to use their internet banking platforms to process their transactions.

If you have an account with First Bank, you will have the need to use their internet banking service to do day-to-day transactions. As a matter of fact, there are lots of things that you can do on the First bank mobile banking service. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the top transactions that you can do on the first bank mobile internet banking platform.

The world is in a digital era, in this millennium, technological innovations such as financial technology and mobile banking were created for helping you to perform financial transactions easily and quickly.


10 Easy Transactions You Can Do On The First Bank Mobile Internet Banking App

All the Transactions To Do On ‘First Bank Mobile Internet Banking App’

Without further ado, here is a list of the top ten transactions that you can perform on the First bank mobile and internet banking system.

1. Account Overview

By the virtue of downloading the first bank mobile banking app, you are provided with every piece of information about your bank account.

The app tracks your bank transactions and gives you information about your account activities including your account balance, the previous transactions you made, debit and credit notifications etc.

All information about your account is provided to you on the FirstMobile App.

2. Request for Account Statement

You can request for your account statement to know your account transactions within a particular timeframe. Perhaps, if you are doing your bookkeeping and you want a record of your account transactions in the last six months, the first bank mobile internet banking app will be of great use to you.

3. Card Management Service

To reduce crime and fraud cases, First Bank rolled out the ‘Card Management Service; for you to know and control the POS and ATM machines where your credit card will be used.

For instance, if your ATM card gets stolen, you can block the card from the FirstMobile App and restrict the thief from tampering with your account funds.

4. Buy Data

You can purchase data from First Bank if you need data for your MTN, Glo, 9Mobile and Airtel network. You shouldn’t roam the streets to get recharge cards when you can quickly get data on your phone from the First bank app.

Apart from purchasing data on your line, you can also buy data for other people or for other telephone lines.

5. Buy Airtime                           

Furthermore, you can use the first bank internet banking service to recharge your phone and purchase airtime conveniently. The First Bank Recharge Code will help you to purchase airtime with some funds in your bank account.

You can use the platform to purchase airtime on any telephone line of your choice. Therefore, it is very possible for you to buy credit for MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo lines for your family & friends with the First Bank Mobile app.

6. Transfer Money to First Bank Accounts

You can also send money to other First bank accounts from the FirstMobile App. The transaction costs for sending money to First bank accounts are low compared to sending money to other banks.

You do not need to go to the bank to fill a deposit slip to make payment to a First bank account because it can be done in a few minutes on the bank’s mobile and internet banking platform.

7. Transfer Money to Other Nigerian Banks

There are lots of banks in Nigeria, including mortgage banks, commercial banks, microfinance banks etc, so, not everyone uses First Bank.

You can send money to any bank or financial institution in Nigeria from your FirstMobile App. The bank transfers are fast and reliable.

8. Bill Payment

Looking for a payment system to help you pay your bills? If yes, then you should consider using the first bank internet banking platform to pay your bills.

With the app, you can pay your utility bills such as Electricity Bill payment and pay internet providers such as Ntel, Spectranet, Smile, Swift etc.

9. Pay Cable TV Subscription

You can make cable TV subscription for your GOTV, DSTV and StarTimes decoders. Paying and renewing the subscription of your DSTV, StarTimes and GOTV decoders allows you to enjoy watching blockbuster movies and interesting TV shows such as Big Brother Naija, UEFA Champions League etc.

10. Flight Tickets

The FirstMobile app is a seamless payment system for booking flights and paying for flights. Therefore, anyone can use the service to view flight schedules and make payments for flights comfortably.


We have just provided you with a list of ten transactions that you can do on the First bank mobile internet banking platform. With this service, you can make financial transactions yourself conveniently, even without leaving your home or office.

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