Flexispot E7 Standing Desk Review: Here is Everything you need to know

Standing desks have become pretty popular over the last few years, especially with more and more of us working from home. And even those that work in an office wanting a standing desk. Since we are sitting at a desk all day long, it’s a good idea to get a standing desk. So you’re not sitting as long. This improves circulation and improves your overall health.

Flexispot has made plenty of standing desks in the past, and have gotten rave reviews from just about everyone. So when the company reached out to have us review the E7, it was a no-brainer.

Building the Flexispot E7

The Flexispot E7 will be delivered to your home in two boxes. With the frame and table-top coming in separate boxes. That is likely to make it easier at the factory to ship out the many different variations that you could have.

Now, keep in mind that these boxes are going to be pretty heavy, especially the one with the frame. Flexispot claims that this is the most sturdy standing desk they’ve ever made, and judging by the weight of the legs, it’s not hard to see why.

The directions are quite good on the Flexispot E7, for someone that is coming from an Ikea standing desk, the bar was set low for instructions. But it took maybe 30 minutes to put the desk together. So not too long at all. I did put it together by myself, but it’s a good idea to get some help.

The design

Of course, the Flexispot website does allow you to see what your combination is going to look like, but the design looks even more striking in person. Now, I do wish I had gotten the black legs instead, but those were not available when my review unit was sent out. The gray legs still look really nice with the mahogany though.


The table-top is quite thick, which is what helps it to hold so much weight. Flexispot claims that it is able to hold 355 pounds. I didn’t test that, and just used the desk as I would any other desk. That includes having my ultrawide monitor mounted, with my laptop, mouse and keyboard on it. And a few other things. But definitely nowhere near 355 pounds.

I typically like to have a darker desk, since I do use it in the background for pictures here on the site. So the Mahogany was a good color choice. The Special Walnut also looks really nice, as well as the graphite.

It’s a sharp looking desk, that’s going to make your office look even better than it already did.

How does it perform day-to-day?

The main reason to buy the Flexispot E7 is going to be the ability to go from a sitting desk to a standing desk. So how well does that work? Well, it’s pretty easy. At the tap of a button, I can go from sitting to standing. It takes just a few seconds, however one of the issues of going from a sitting to a standing desk is going to be cable management. So you’ll want to make sure you have some slack for the cables for things like your monitor, computer, etc. So it can actually go all the way up.

Flexispot makes it easy to change up the height for the two presets. Just hold on the M button, and then tap which preset you want that height to be. There are also dedicated buttons for sit and stand, below the two numbers. To help you remember which is which. And it can also act as additional presets too. Flexispot also allows you to lock the height of the desk by pressing the M button too. So that you won’t need to worry about accidentally touching the pad and changing the height. Which, honestly, has happened to me a lot more than I’d like to admit.

The E7 can go from 22.8-inches to 48.4-inches tall. Unless you’re super tall, that is going to be plenty high for most people. I’m 5′ 9″ and for the standing position, I have it set at 46.3-inches.

It is worth mentioning that the desk is less stable the higher it is. Which makes sense, the legs are now taller, so they are a bit more wobbly. But I wouldn’t say that it’s not stable. I’m one of those that leans on my desk while typing and most desks do wobble a bit when I’m typing. But not this one. It really only wobbles when I am actually shaking it, and wanting it to wobble. So that’s good to see.

The only real complaint I have with the E7 is that I wish it was a little deeper and longer. My Ikea standing desk is both deeper and longer by a couple of inches, and it makes a huge difference. But, to do that, Flexispot would need to use a different frame. So that might not happen. Otherwise, this has become my new desk.

Should I buy the Flexispot E7?

The Flexispot E7 is pretty pricey, but definitely worth the money. If you have a home office, then it’s worth it to spend the extra money and get something that’s sturdy and won’t fall apart. It’s worth it to spend extra to get something more comfortable. Especially if it’s something you’ll be sitting at for 8 hours or more per day, five days a week. That’s quite a bit of your week at this desk – nearly a quarter of it. So you’ll want to be comfortable.

Starting at $599, it is pricey, but a lot of other motorized standing desks are around this same price. My Ikea motorized standing desk was actually more expensive (but again, it’s a larger table-top as well).

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