How to Get a Free US Number for WhatsApp in Nigeria

You might have been searching or looking for different ways to get a USA number for free that you wish to make use of your Whatsapp or you just feel like getting one. Don’t worry too much again for you will learn how to get us the number for WhatsApp that will work for you for free and its recently updated method 2024 respectively with the process to get free us number for whatsapp.

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Actually, most people are fund of selling this number on the internet or sold to there pattern that doesn’t have knowledge of getting a USA number for free in Nigeria that will work for there WhatsApp or in any other country which sounds bad, don’t worry much about that for you will be borrowed a know on this artist on how you can get yourself a US number for free

As always you will need some tools to get this done which most of the tools that you will use are also free so it will be stated below and make use of it at your or risk.

Tools That Are Use To Get Free USA Number For WhatsApp 

You will need a textnow verified account which you can grab knowledge on how to get one and a strong VPN is needed. You can search for that on our site or click here to get anyone for free.

Whatsapp Mod Versions are recommended, either GBwhatsapp or Yo whatsapp you can also find some other related modified Whatsapp on our website here.

Get yourself a smartphone or make your own pc ready after that switch to the main steps of this article.

Disclaimer: this content or article is strictly for educational purposes for we are not responsible for any misuse of anything you learn on this article.

How To Get USA Number For WhatsApp Free 2024

  • First, to get things done you will need a verified USA textNow account, which textnow is designed and available mostly for USA and Canadian.
  • VPN can be used to bypass the text account creation respectively by following the below steps.
  • Usage mod WhatsApp to create an account with the Textnow USA number obtained from the app to avoid WhatsApp ban issue of the USA number.
  • Lastly, follow all steps carefully to get everything done.

How To Get A Free VPN That Will Be Used For TextNow

There are thousands of VPN out there which are offered to you for free, especially the ones you use for free browsing cheats.

VPNs like ha tunnel plus VPN and stark VPN are free that are provided with free USA server access.

Once you download any of these VPN, (ha tunnel recommended).

Switch to the direct server on the tweak section and select USA server on the server section.

Then connect with your phone data connection it will change the phone location to USA respectively.

After that, you can now go ahead and create your own textnow account either using the app or their official website to get everything done.

How To Get Free US Number For WhatsApp On Text Now

  • Once you’ve turned on your VPN, goto the TextNow app you download on Google playstore or Apple store.
  • Or visit their official website, and sign up for an account using any of your details to sign up.
  • After the signup is done, request for a USA number that starts with 206 recommended or select that one from the list.
  • Follow the prompt message you will get from your textnow when signing up for an account and make sure you log-in after you complete the signup process.
  • Always make sure your VPN is on and the server is under the USA when doing anything on your textnow, and after you’ve gotten the Free US number move to the next process below by creating the WhatsApp with the number you just got.
Note: the process to get a USA number or even process to get a textnow account might be a little strict which might not work for everyone, so follow the process well as stated.

How To Create A WhatsApp Account With A USA Number

  1. Once you’ve gotten your US number using the above procedures.
  2. Switch to your mod WhatsApp or the one you just downloaded, Yo whatsapp, FM whatsapp, GB whatsapp, Soula Whatsapp, BM WhatsApp, and more.
  3. Pick one and use any of them respectively. If you are opening a new whatsapp account. Go and process the registration with the USA number.
  4. And verify it using a call me a method which will allow you to get a voicemail through the app textnow that is why it’s recommended to use textnow app to signup.
  5. Process the code that was stated on the voicemail you received and paste it on the whatsapp to complete your registration, once it’s verified then you are good to go.
  6. You can now start using the USA number for your WhatsApp respectively, and if you want to change your main whatsapp to appear to be a USA number.
  7. Then just go to your main WhatsApp account under settings make sure you are using a modded WhatsApp to do this to avoid a ban issue.
  8. Under settings click on account and select change number then provide your USA number there.
  9. And lastly verify the owner of the number using the same process stated above and Boom you are good to go.

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