German authoritative magazine criticizes Volkswagen electric cars: bad bad!

The authoritative German automobile magazine “Auto Motor und Sport” criticized Volkswagen’s upcoming new electric car ID.3 ruthlessly, saying that the car failed to meet the automaker’s usual standards and had poor workmanship. And the cruising range is limited.

The magazine stated that the car “looks like the inside of the hood is painted with a spray can,” lamenting that there is no shadow of the exquisite workmanship that Volkswagen is proud of.

Uneven panel gaps, an infotainment system that takes a long time to start, and an inoperable navigation system are other issues the magazine singled out for this electric car.

Although the power system and riding experience are not bad, unfortunately the cruising range is only 359 kilometers .

Volkswagen’s labor director had criticized the company’s electric car project for lagging behind plans. Volkswagen refuted this criticism in March, but admitted that the car needs some improvements.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert-Dess had a test drive of Tesla’s Model Y electric SUV when he received Tesla CEO Musk last week, and praised the car, saying, “This car is for us in many ways. reference.”

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