How Do I Add Stickers To My Text Messages Android

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How Do I Add Stickers To My Text Messages Android.The stickers always give an additional touch to the conversations that take place within social networks and within instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp. Such stickers can be saved in the cell phone storage and you can get some that have movement and others that are not a simple image.

In normal Android and iPhone messages, such stickers can be added if certain specific things are done. Later, we will explain how to create stickers to send to your contacts, how to add certain stickers to a message, and how to download stickers to send via SMS.

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  1. How to create stickers to send them to your contacts?;How Do I Add Stickers To My Text Messages Android.
  2. What is the way to add stickers to a text message on your mobile device?
    1. From an Android device
  3. What apps to use to download stickers and send them in text messages?
    1. Download stickers in Swiftkey
    2. Get stickers in the Swype app

How to create stickers to send them to your contacts?

The two applications in which stickers are always used is in Telegram and also in WhatsApp itself. On platforms like Messenger or DM there are not such good stickers, that’s why many prefer to chat on WhatsApp or Telegram than to use Messenger.

When you want to send a sticker to one of your contacts, you have two options at your disposal. These two are to use the stickers created by another person or if not make one yourself. The first option is the best to choose, but it is very respectable that you want to be original and that you want to create your own stickers .

To create a sticker you must use an application. The app that you must download is called ‘Stickers for WhatsApp’, once you have it you can go on to follow the next process :

  1. Open the ‘Stickers for WhatsApp’ app.
  2. Press the ‘Create a new sticker pack’ option.
  3. In the window that will appear, place the name of the author and the name of the sticker.
  4. To finish, select the image or video clip you want to use, customize it and save the sticker.

That’s all you need to do to create your own sticker without anyone’s help. Now, just as you can create your own stickers for WhatsApp, there is a way to make stickers to use in the Telegram application to send them to your favorite contacts.

If you want to send that sticker you created to another person by SMS, you just have to transform the same sticker into a JPG image and send it.

How Do I Add Stickers To My Text Messages Android

Stickers can be added to your text messages from any app easily and without doing much. You have the option to copy the sticker directly from WhatsApp or else convert it to an image. Below, you will see how to do such a thing from Android and iPhone.

From an Android device.

In the case of Android, it is very easy to add stickers to your text messages. This is what you should do:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application.
  2. Jump into any of the conversations you have.
  3. Find a sticker and send it.
  4. Now, long press on that sticker or select it and proceed to copy it.
  5. Then, enter the application through which you want to send the sticker.
  6. Long press the type bar, paste the content and send the message.

On some cell phones this trick works, but on others it doesn’t. If the process above doesn’t help you, what you can do is convert your sticker into a JPG image:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app.
  2. Select the sticker you want to transform.
  3. Send it to a contact.
  4. Then open WhatsApp on your PC.
  5. Take the sticker from WhatsApp web and open it in a new browser window.
  6. To finish, save the Sticker as a normal image and then send it wherever you want.

In case you didn’t know, there is a way to import all those stickers that your friends send you to your WhatsApp account.

What apps to use to download stickers and send them in text messages?

If you want to download more stickers within your cell phone storage , it is best to use applications such as Swiftkey or Swype.

Download stickers in Swiftkey

Swiftkey is an application which allows you to download all kinds of stickers to use in your WhatsApp and Telegram applications. The best thing is that all the stickers are completely free. The best thing about Swiftkey is that it is like a kind of keyboard that is installed on the mobile and it allows you to select all the stickers you want.

Get stickers in the Swype app

Swype is another app that helps you send stickers to other people . Said application can be downloaded from the Play Store , possibly you can also get it from the App Store.



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