How to get Chorizo, puppy in Far Cry 6


You’ve probably already seen screenshots of the insanely cute puppy from Far Cry 6 riding a dog wheelchair. Hardly knowing that he can keep you company on your adventures, almost every player wants to get their hands on this adorable creature. Well, our job is to help you with this.

How to unlock Chorizo?

To add this amigo (this is what pets are called in the game) to the collection, you need to pet it. In order for this to become possible, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Wait for the moment when you find yourself on the Montero farm in the story.
  2. After you see Chorizo, the “Who is a good boy?” Story mark will appear.
  3. Interact with Chorizo ​​to get started.
  4. As part of the quest, you will need to get crocodile meat. Fortunately, the range of these predators will be nearby.
  5. Complete the “Treasure of a Dog” quest that appears after you complete “Who’s a Good Boy?”
  6. After completing the quest, simply pet Chorizo. Now you are friends, and the dog will follow you.

Chorizo ​​Skills

In fact, this puppy is not only pleasing to the eye, but also able to help in battle. Thanks to the unique skill “Spotlight” Chorizo ​​can distract enemies, which is very useful if you like to play stealth.

In addition, the following abilities can be unlocked over time:

  • “Bloodhound”. Allows you to mark components near you. To unlock this skill, you need to distract enemies with Chorizo ​​10 times.
  • “Yes, you can iron.” Scratching the dog allows you to restore health. To unlock, you need to mark 36 containers with the previous skill.
  • “Sharp Sense”. With this skill, Chorizo ​​begins to dig up res for you from time to time. To unlock it, you need to use the previous ability 50 times.

All Chorizo ​​skins. Just why not

Who is your favorite amigo? Perhaps you decided not to part with the tame crocodile Guapo, or are you going through the game with Oluso? Share your favorite in the comments!

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