How to Make Money with Your Car in Kenya

If you have a car and you are not using it or you only use it to run personal errands, you can make money with it. You can turn your car into an income generating asset instead of allowing it to wear off in the garage or just using it to run personal errands. When using a car to run personal errands, it becomes a liability. Why then not consider starting the following businesses and making money with your car in Kenya?


Car Rental Services

One of the ways to make money with your car in Kenya is by renting out your car. There are many people who know how to drive but don’t own cars. Whenever they want to travel, they can rent your car. Make sure to have car trackers when getting into this business. Also, make sure to ask for original ID cards and a copy before giving someone your car. This is to avoid car theft.


Taxi Business

You can also start a taxi business in Kenya. You can ferry people from one location to another with your car for a fee. This is a common business in towns. Besides, you can join a taxi hailing company such as Uber. Clients will be making payments via an app and then you get paid by the company.


Courier Service

A courier business is also a good business to start with your car. It involves transporting packages to different destinations. You need to do lots of advertising online to get many clients. Also, maintain utmost integrity so that clients can trust your business with their packages. Whenever they want to make deliveries, they can be contracting your business.


Selling Used Cars

You can start a car yard and start selling used cars. The demand for cars in Kenya is very high. You can be buying cars at a lower price, make some repairs and improvements and then sell them at a higher price. This is one of the businesses in Kenya you are sure not to miss customers.


Towing Service

If you have a truck, consider starting a towing business. Whenever cars break down, you can help clients to tow them. You need to aggressively market your business. Also, make sure your business has an online presence. Whenever drivers are stranded or their cars have broken down, they will be calling you to tow them to a garage.


Moving Business

A moving business is a good business to start if you have a truck or a lorry. Many families and businesses are moving every day. You can help such clients relocate their belongings like furniture from one place to another. The demand for moving services is high in Kenya, considering that many people live in rental houses and they often keep on moving.


Corporate Car Service

You can start corporate car services so that you can be picking and transporting clients to corporate events. Besides, some companies hire corporate car services to ferry their clients to and from their client’s premises. Make sure to market your business to various companies.


Mobile Mechanic Service

If you are a mechanic and you have a car, you can offer mobile mechanic services. You will be driving to where clients’ cars are and repairing them from there. This is a convenient business since you will be traveling to where the client’s car is with your tools.


Garbage Collection Business

If you have a truck or a lorry, consider starting a garbage collection business. Talk to a few homeowners and request them if you can collect garbage from their homes. Then make sure to set fair prices and never miss collecting garbage at whatever time you agree.


Start a Car Driving Class

You can start a driving school with your car in Kenya. You need to get authorization from NTSA. Once authorized, you can start training people how to drive.


Summary of How to Make Money with Your Car in Kenya

The above are some business ideas that can help you make money with your car in Kenya. You can run these businesses as side hustles while still using your car to run personal errands. So, if you have a car, don’t let it wear off in the garage and instead use it to make money through these businesses.

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