How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk – Updated October, 2024

This post contains information on how to migrate to MTN Beta Talk.

Do you want to start enjoying a whopping 500% bonus both in data and airtime even with an airtime recharge of less than N100?

How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan in Two Different Ways - The Correct BloggerHow to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan in Two Different Ways - The Correct Blogger

Or, you just heard about that MTN tariff plan that triples your airtime and also gives you additional data bonuses on every recharge?

Yes! That’s what you get on the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan.

Imagine that allows customers to connect and communicate seamlessly, a plan where you get FREE data to browse all day, a plan where you get FREE airtime to make calls like every day is Christmas.

Isn’t that sweet?

Of course, we all love FREE things, but I’d say that the freebies you get on the Beta Talk plan are a little bit too much, and that’s why people run towards the plan in search of how to migrate to MTN Beta Talk, and the MTN Beta Talk code.

If you’re among those seeking the code to migrate to MTN Beta Talk, then you’ve done yourself a favour by clicking on this post. I won’t only show you the MTN Beta Talk code, but you’ll also learn 3 working ways to migrate to the plan, its benefits, how to get bonuses, and lots more.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

About MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan

First things first. What is MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan all about?

MTN BetaTalk is a prepaid tariff plan that rewards customers with a 500% (300% airtime bonus and an additional 200% Data) bonus on EVERY recharge less than N100. Customers will get 20MB and above in addition to the 300% airtime bonus when you recharge airtime of N100 and above.

This simply means as a Beta Talk subscriber, you’ll be eligible to enjoy 3X the value of the airtime amount you recharge as an airtime bonus to call all networks and get 2X the value of your recharge as a data bonus to browse the internet.

This plan offers a very cheap call rate and SMS rate, and also gives you access to special data bundles where you can purchase data plans for cheap, compared to the normal price.

The MTN Beta Talk tariff plan is available to all MTN customers both old and new, and once subscribed, you’ll get a free 10MB monthly data bonus on the first recharge or first call of the month.

One cool thing about this tariff plan is that there are several different methods to migrate to MTN Beta Talk. These include the USSD method, SMS method, MTN App, MTN ChatBot, and the MTN website.

How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk

To migrate to MTN Beta talk via SMS, simply;

  • Text BT to 131

That’s how to migrate to MTN Beta Talk using the SMS method.

Now, let’s see other methods.

MTN Beta Talk Code

*123*2*1# is the code to migrate to MTN Beta Talk tariff plan.

Alternatively, you can follow the step-by-step guideline below to activate Beta Talk on MTN.

  1. Simply dial *123#
  2. Reply with the option for “Tariff Plans”.
  3. Select option 1 – BetaTalk
  4. Select option 1 – Migrate to BetaTalk.

How to Switch to MTN Beta Talk

This method involves migrating to MTN Beta Talk from other tariff plans on the MTN network via the MTN App and Website.

Via myMTN App

  • Download the myMTN App to your mobile device.
  • Login to myMTN App.
  • Select Other Plans
  • Finally, select BetaTalk.

That’s how to migrate to MTN BetaTalk on MTN via the MTN App. Let’s see how to do it via the website.

Via MTN Web

  • Logon to
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter OTP and select ‘Proceed’.
  • On the top right corner of the home page, click your name.
  • Select My Plan.
  • Select Other Plans.
  • Select MTN BetaTalk.

That’s how to migrate to MTN Beta Talk via the MTN website.

Benefits of MTN Beta Talk

You will enjoy the following benefits when you migrate to the MTN BetaTalk plan.

  1. You’ll get a 300% airtime bonus and a 200% Data Bonus on every recharge less than N100.
  2. Data bonus of 20MB and above in addition to the 300% airtime bonus on recharge of N100 and above.
  3. You’ll gain access to special data bundles of 40MB for N50 and 250MB for N200.
  4. Free 10MB Monthly Data Bonus on the First Recharge or First Call of the month.
  5. Bonuses are valid for 7 days.

MTN Beta Talk Call Rate

This post definitely will make no sense if we don’t take a look at MTN BetaTalk call rate. I mean how much Beta Talk tariff plan charge subscribers per second of call.

The call rate of MTN Beta Talk is 42 kobo per second (42k/sec) or 25.2 Naira per minute (N25.2/min).

That means for every second of a call you make on the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan, you’ll be charged 42 kobo, and for every minute, you’ll be charged approximately 25 Naira.

Let’s do a calculation for N100 airtime. I mean how long would N100 airtime last if you use it all to make calls?


  • N100 + N300 (300% Bonus) = N400.
  • 0.42k × 60 seconds = N25.2k
  • Therefore, with N100 airtime, you’ll get >> N400/N25.2 ≈ 15 minutes 53 seconds.

MTN Beta Talk – FAQs

What is MTN BetaTalk migration code?

The Beta Talk migration code on MTN is *123*2*1#. Alternatively, you can also text BT to 131 to migrate to MTN BetaTalk tariff plan.

How do I know if I’m on MTN Beta Talk?

To check if you’re on the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan, simply dial *123*1*2# or just dial *123# and then follow the instructions.

How much do I need to migrate to MTN Beta Talk?

If it is your first time migrating to the Beta Talk tariff plan on MTN within the last 30 days, you need absolutely zero Naira (N0) to migrate to the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan.

What is the MTN Better Talk code?

  • Dial *123*2*1# – USSD migration option
  • Text BT to 131 –  SMS migration option

Below are some other MTN plans;

  • MTN BetaTalk: You will get 500% Bonus on every recharge on this tariff plan.
  • MTN XtraValueYou can make 40 minutes calls with just N300 on this plan, and also get tons of special data offers.
  • MTN Awuf4UYou’ll get 5X the value of the amount you recharge as bonus with this offer.
  • MTN TruTalk: You can make calls at 11.26k/sec and also get free 10MB data bonus every month on this plan.
  • MTN mPulseGet access to educational content, cheap data offers and cheap call rate.

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It is no secret that the MTN network has the largest telecom network coverage in Nigeria.

With the wide range of tariff plan on this network, MTN Beta Talk is one of the best tariff plans on the network.

I believe by now, how to migrate to MTN Beta Talk shouldn’t be a problem anymore, because I’ve provided you with the MTN Beta Talk code, MTN Beta Talk migration code, and the 100% working code for MTN Beta Talk tariff plan.

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