How to remove the block you put on someone on LIKEE

As we already know, the internet is very extensive and in it we can do an infinite number of things to be able to enjoy our free moments of the day. One of the ways in which we are going to be able to achieve this is by watching funny videos .

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One of the applications that has become very well known is called LIKEE, in it you will be able to watch any type of video, for this reason we will be talking a little about one of the functions that this application has and that is how unblock someone in this app.


  1.  Where can you see the blocked users within LIKEE?
  2.  Follow these instructions to unblock a LIKEE user
    1.  on an android
    2.  From your iOS cell phone
  3.  What is the procedure to unblock LIKEE people from PC?
  4.  Where can you see the blocked users within LIKEE?

Where can you see the blocked users within LIKEE?

In social networking applications it will always be necessary to have the option to block and unblock people. This is almost mandatory, since each of us needs to have good privacy with which we feel more secure when browsing the services of a social network.

One of the ones that has started to become popular is LIKEE. This short video network is very similar to TikTok. In this app you can record and upload videos and even make live broadcasts so that the people who follow you can enjoy this content. In the same way you can follow other people to see their recordings.

One of the best features of this application is the editing of the videos, but you can also block people who post videos of inappropriate things and that you do not want to see or so that some people cannot see the content that you upload .

If you want to know which people you have blocked since you are using this application, you will be able to go to the blocked list . This way you can know what to do with these users:

  1. As expected, you are going to enter LIKEE
  2. On the left side you are going to press the profile icon that is green .
  3. You are going to slide the screen and you will enter ‘Settings’.
  4. Here you will see the ‘Block list’ option and when you open it you will be able to see all the users you have blocked since you started using LIKEE

Follow these instructions to unblock a LIKEE user

You will not always want to have a person blocked . For this reason, if you have the option to block you will also be able to unblock someone on LIKEE. But this process is different depending on the operating system that your cell phone has. That is why we are going to show you the ways in which you are going to unblock users in LIKEE.

android logo

on an android

If your cell phone is Android you can unblock a person in the simplest way possible just by doing this:

  1. You will open LIKEE on your cell phone.
  2. Then, you are going to press the icon that is in the upper left to enter your profile .
  3. In this menu you will enter configuration.
  4. Here you are going to open the ‘Block List’ option so you can see the names of the people who are blocked.
  5. Now, next to the user’s name you will see an icon with three dots. When you touch it you will see a window in which you are going to click on ‘Delete’. In this way the person will already be unblocked.

From your iOS cell phone

On iPhone phones things are almost the same as on Android, only the order of functions and some names change slightly. So the unlock process changes slightly:

  1. Enter LIKEE from the apps menu on the iPhone.
  2. Now you are going to go to your profile by pressing the icon that is in the lower left.
  3. Then, you will go into settings and open the ‘Blocked List’.
  4. Now you will see all the users that you have blocked and you will click on the icon and then you will click on delete, so you will unblock that person.

mobile with ios

What is the procedure to unblock LIKEE people from PC?

If you are used to using LIKE from your computer and you are looking to unblock a person, you will have to know that the unblock option is not available in the web version of this short video platform. So if you want to get rid of a person you will have to download the mobile application on your iPhone or Android cell phone.

Where can you see the blocked users within LIKEE?

Now that you know how you can unblock LIKEE users, we can review how you can see the list of users that are blocked, the first thing you will do is enter the application.

Then you will enter configuration and then you will open the blocked list option. This way you will be able to see which users are blocked by you.


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