How You Can Access The FJX Cinder Weapon Vault In Call Of Duty: MWII

The PlayStation open beta for Call Of Duty: MWII is now underway, and among all the content players will get to test, one of the most notable is the FJX Cinder weapon vault. To get access to the FJX Cinder weapon vault in MWII you would have had to pre-order the Vault Edition of the game. Which of course you can still do. Upon doing so, you get access to the vault in the launch version of the game and it can even be accessed during the open beta.

But what exactly is the FJX Cinder weapon vault and how do you access it in-game? This guide is here to walk you through that. There’s a few easy steps and after going through them you’ll be customizing your loadout in no time. If you’re planning to jump into the beta this weekend or next weekend, and you pre-ordered the Vault Edition, here’s how to access and use the FJX Cinder weapon vault just in case you want to mess around with it.

What is the FJX Cinder in MWII?

FJX Cinder Weapon Vault MWII 5

The FJX Cinder isn’t really a specific type of weapon, but rather a blueprint for your weapons and attachments. The part of the new Gunsmith 2.0 system that lets you access all of this is the weapon vault, which lets you keep a thematic style across weapons in the same weapons platform, and across all their compatible attachments. This includes attachments like the receiver, muzzle, barrel, stock, magazine and more. Though some attachments are for all weapons in the game and some are only for weapons within the same platform.

The FJX Cinder specifically applies a sleek red and carbon fiber design to your weapons and attachments, as you can see in the images above and below.

How to access the FJX Cinder weapon vault

FJX Cinder Weapon Vault MWII 6

As mentioned above, as long as you pre-ordered you can access the FJX Cinder weapon vault. Which is exclusive to the Vault Edition of the game that retails for $99.99. You can also purchase the Vault bundle for $30 if you pre-ordered the regular version. But how do you access it in-game? Easy.

Reach rank 4

Before you can access the FJX Cinder weapon vault, you need to reach rank 4. This is because until you reach rank 4, you won’t be able to access custom loadouts. So play a few matches, rank up, and once you do you can back out and get started.

Go to the Weapons tab

Once you’ve ranked up, exit your match lobby and go the main screen, then navigate to the weapons tab.

Select Multiplayer Loadout

Press or click to select multiplayer loadout.

Select Create A Loadout

Now press or click while highlighting the + symbol to create a new custom loadout.

Pick a pre-made loadout

On the creation screen, pick a pre-made loadout to get started. You can select from Assault-Rusher, Hunter-Stalker, and Tank-Sentinel. Once you’ve chosen, select your primary weapon from the list of options. Which includes assault rifles, battle rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, Marksman Rifles, and Sniper Rifles. Sidearms, Launchers, and Melee weapons can be equipped in your secondary slot. Equip your chosen primary to move forward.

Enter the Gunsmith

Once you’ve selected your primary weapon and equipped it, you’ll be back on the main screen for your custom loadout. Hover over the primary again and enter the Gunsmith.

Now select an attachment you want to add, equip it, then enter the Skins menu to select the ‘Cinder‘ skin for that attachment. Rinse and repeat for any attachments you want to add to your weapon and customize. Including the receiver. And that’s it. A pretty straightforward rundown of accessing the FJX Cinder weapon vault.

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