MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Using HA Tunnel Plus – Updated October 2024

MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Using HA Tunnel Plus - Updated October 2022

Ha tunnel VPN is one of the VPNs out there that offer free browsing 2 most internet providers around the globe which now provide you with the MTN unlimited free browsing cheat in 2024 October.

The MTN unlimited cheat works with ha tunnel VPN and it’s one you should look into if you pick hatunnel VPN as one of your favorite VPN which should be suitable for the mtn unlimited cheats.

Hatunnel or Ha tunnel Plus VPN now provides access to the latest 2024 October MTN Unlimited free browsing cheat we also like to inform you with but before then let’s talk a little about the VPN.

Ha Tunnel VPN is provided on Google Play Store for you to Down!oad and secure your internet connection just like how to order VPN Does.

But it also has the power to turn on your internet so as to make you browse for free which is what we call free internet or free browsing.

That is also one that has just been discovered on the internet service provider that is called MTN which is the name of the MTN unlimited cheat for October 2024.

With the end of this weekend that works like Stark VPN and Napsterntv he will now be able to browse for free on your MTN SIM unlimitedly which is the kind of info we are about to share with you.

Finally, most people create files or configuration files for Ha tunnel Plus VPN so as to make you import and start browsing but with the kind of information you will get on the surgical you don’t need any configuration file for your hatunnel VPN.

So stick around and know the kind of requirement that you will need flowers to get these MTN Unlimited cheats 2024 work for you.

Requirements For The Ha Tunnel VPN Mtn Unlimited Cheat 2024

What you need is yours to get yourself an MTN SIM card that does not contain any airtime or data preferably.

Follow up with the ha tunnel VPN which you can get from the Google Play store  and directly Down!oad the app to your device.
[appbox googleplay]

You can also Down!oad the ha tunnel Plus VPN mod APK which you can search on the internet if you can find one yourself that allows you to play around with the app for ad-free.

After you’ve gotten the whole requirement then you cannot keep true to the next heading of steps which will lead you through the process that talks more about the activation of the latest MTN 2024 free unlimited browsing cheat.

Mtn Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat October 2024 On Ha Tunnel VPN

  1. After tyou Down!oad a VPN from the link above or use the procedure provided above.
  2. Then what night is to make sure that it has been successfully installed to your device.
  3. From here you can now open the VPN with an internet connection so as to update the server and trick on the ha tunnel VPN.
  4. After that, on the main menu if you see something like a drop-down menu button you should click on it as shown below.
    MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Using HA Tunnel Plus - Updated October 2024
  5. From there you should find the configuration tweak called NGA MTN unlimited 2024 as shown below.
    MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Using HA Tunnel Plus - Updated October 2024

  6. I’m trying to let you not go to the service section and select the kind of server you want or just stick with the altar server option.
  7. Then you can now switch to the MTN SIM that does not contain any airtime or data so as to start browsing unlimitedly.
  8. Turn on the internet connection and click on start on the VPN.
    MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Using HA Tunnel Plus - Updated October 2024
  9. That should connect within some seconds if it actually detects an internet connection on your network.
MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Using HA Tunnel Plus - Updated October 2024

You can now start browsing with the kind of Speed you should be expecting on the ha tunnel VPN referring to the MTN Unlimited free browsing cheat 2024.

Why Ha Tunnel VPN

Most people like to know why people prefer to use the ha tunnel VPN which is why we are going to explain some little details about them.

Ha Tunnel Plus VPN is one of the favorites people that most people make use of Due to one or two things.

  • The kind of Speed they experience with the VPN once they are browsing or Tunneling with it.
  • It does not consume a lot of battery compared to other tunnel VPN.

Quick Recap

MTN Unlimited free browsing is back and strongerthan ever, thanks to the Cloudfare front server. It is blazing like fire, tested and confirmed. It powers all apps on Android devices and with the aid of tethering apps, you can use it on your PC, Mac, iOS, and other devices as well.

With the help of this MTN cheat, you can browse at speeds of up to 40 Mbps and accumulate an unlimited amount of data to your dream destination.

The updated version of the HA Tunnel Plus VPN is critical for getting things done. There is no data cap on this unlimited browsing. You, therefore, have unrestricted access to the internet.

I’m assuming you’re all set to start using this MTN cheat, so let me quickly guide you through the steps.

Materials Needed for this Free Browsing

  • MTN internet-enabled SIM card
  • 3G, 4G or 5G Android Smartphone
  • Latest HA Tunnel Plus Android App: Down!oad it from Play Store here.

Please be aware: Don’t be deceived to Down!oad a fake VPN app that will steal your data and private information. Make sure you Down!oad your VPN from the above-given link.

HA Tunnel Plus Free Browsing Configuration

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below to activate the MTN free browsing cheat with HA Tunnel Plus.

  • Install the Ha tunnel plus VPN you downloaded on your Android phone.
  • Open the app and make sure you have at least 5MB of data to load the default customizations.
  • Wait a few seconds after opening the app for the VPN updates to load successfully.
  • If auto-update does not work, you can click on the three-dot at the top right corner.
  • Select “Check Updates” from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, make sure the “CUSTOM SETUP” toggle is turned off.
  • Select “[NGA] [MTN Unlimited? 2024]” from the “CONNECTION MODE” menu.
  • After that, click on the “START” button, it will connect and start reading.

Once connected, it’s advisable to watch their ad video in other to extend the connection time.

How to Enjoy This MTN Unlimited Free Browsing On iPhone, PC, Mac, PS4 & Others

You can actually share/tether your VPN connection with friends and loved ones. You can check the detail on how to Share/tether your VPN here.

That is all for now. Enjoy while it lasts.

This is the new unlimited free browsing for this month. More articles about Unlimited Free Browsing are on their way.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop your comment and it is good to tell us how you are enjoying this MTN cheat via the comment box.

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