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So if you’re looking for a website to download TV series, movies, watch the latest and updated TV season films.

I’ll tell you exactly how in a moment, but first…

What is O2TvSeries O2 Tv Series

O2TvSeries.com is an online portal where visitors like you can download complete TV series season film in various formats like 3GP, HD and MP4 formats.

The website, O2TvSeries offers all categories of series and movies for free without any download charges.

You can watch updated and latest movies, new tv series and season programmes on the site without sign up. It’s 100% free and no credit card is required.

O2tvseries.com Amazing Features

O2Tv Series has unique, amazing designs and features that are attributed to its success.

  1. No registration required. You can start streaming movies on O2Tv Series platform without signing up. It gives you the ability to explore the site and the app does not require login details.
  2. You can enjoy and explore the adventure of the site’s app without failure unlike other download sites.
  3. The download files are compressed with good format to save your storage device.
  4. The site has a search options bar to help you find latest, popular and featured TV series and movies.
  5. The TV series is properly arranged to help the app users navigate and explore the site.
  6. The website provides playback of programs and remote recording on the homepage for users to access.
  7. If you’re the platform customer, you can download movies and season films on your mobile device with ease.
  8. The content on the platform is 100% free to download movies and Tv series and is compatible on any mobile device.
  9. All movies are protected by copyright.
  10.  All TV series and movies have quality resolutions and compatible with all screen resolution.
  11.  O2TvSeries.com has a user-friendly UI that lets users quickly download TV series and movies.
  12.  O2Tv Series best alternatives are HDMp4Mania.com or Mp4Mania.com
  13.  You can download unlimited TV series and movies.
  14.  You can follow O2Tv Series on Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp to learn about their latest releases and movies.
  15.  They offer you with different movies format in MP4, HD & 3GP quality downloads.
  16.  The movies downloads are free from virus or malware attacks.

How to Download TV Series & Movies on O2TvSeries

  • Open your favorite browser and navigate to http://o2tvseries.com
  • You can either use the following quick links:
    – List All Tv Series
    – List All Genre
    – Recently Added
    – Search button bar
  • Then, click on the Alphabet where you found your preferred movie.
  • Next, once you find the series, and click Select your season or episode to download.
  • Select what type of file to download (example of file types include 3GP, MP4 or HD).
  • You can use the A-Z list below to download TV series from o2tvseries.com

How to download the App for flexibility

You can download the platform’s app on your mobile phone or device as follows:

  • On your mobile device, open Play Store.
  • Search for o2tvseries.com App and follow the onscreen wizard to install the App.

How to use O2TvSeries.com App

After you’ve successfully downloaded the app and install on your mobile device.

Here are the steps on how to make use of the app.

  1. From your phone menu, open the o2tvseries app on your device.
  2. Use the search option to browse your favorite movies, season’s films and tv series.
  3. Once you’ve found your preferred movie, click on “download” button to download the movie.
  4. Next, save the movie to your device.

You can follow the above steps to download unlimited movies from o2tvseries.com with no download fees.

Top 50+ Most Popular O2TvSeries Movies

  • Vampire diaries
  • O2tvseries power
  • Supernatural
  • Poster
  • Adventure fantasy
  • Becareful with my heart
  • Legends Tomorrow
  • 3episode 5
  • Once upon time
  • Toxic
  • Deception
  • Proud mary
  • S05e11
  • WapTvSeries
  • O2Tv movies 2019
  • O2tvseries power season 1
  • 24season (24 season)
  • Max steel
  • The tomorrow Person
  • Heaven sent
  • Malcolm in middle
  • Agents shield
  • Zootopia
  • Animated series
  • The Avengers
  • Page5
  • Star crossed
  • CXF
  • Stay with me
  • God friended me

Top 10 Most Downloaded Tv Series & Movies from www.o2tvseries.com

  1. O2tvseries ren
  2. Roswell
  3. Power Season 6
  4. O2tvseries Legacies
  5. Vikings
  6. The Flash
  7. Witcher

Best o2tvseries Cartoons & movies 2019

  • The Hallow
  • Tuca and Bertie
  • South Park
  • The Venture Bros
  • BoJack Horseman
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Lost in Oz
  • The Dragon Prince
  • Love Death and Robots
  • Ultraman

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using o2TvSeries

Safe for Browsing

  • One of the advantages of O2Tv Series is that their website is safe to use and browse.
  • Scanning o2Tv Series using Sucuri and Avast Anti-Virus show no record of viruses.
  • Another point is that o2TvSeries.com isn’t blacklisted on Norton Safe web or Google Safe Browsing.

No SSL Installed

There is no SSL certificate installed on o2TvSeries.com.

This means that Mozilla Firefox and Chrome browsers will give you warning notification that the site is not safe to share passwords.

You don’t need to worry about browser’s not secure warning since o2TvSeries.com doesn’t require account signup before you download movies.

Copyright Infringement

O2 Tv Series movies are copyrighted movies you download for free.

There is this notion that downloading copyrighted movies for free constitute a crime. It may result in getting sued for downloading movies for free.

To watch movie online legally is by subscribing to Netflix, Spotify, Streaming on YouTube or using any other premium platform.

Excessive Pop-ups

Using o2 tv series subjects you to aggressive advertisement such as pop-unders and pop-ups.

The site generates millions of dollars from ad revenue to keep it up and running, and best of all free to download.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is o2tvseries illegal?

o2TvSeries is a TV series and this web series publisher website is banned in India and other countries because their movies are being uploaded by using the illegal method like piracy which constitute copyright infringement in those countries.

For example, if your country bans o2tv series, you would have to do it illegally by tweaking or hiding your IP address so as to download the movies.

How do sites like o2tv series upload movies to their site without having a copyright issue?

You can upload movies to which you own the copyright on your website without receiving a copyright claim.

Also, you can request for permission from the copyright holder to upload.

You can reach out to the owners of the movies and form a partnership that would allow revenue sharing from advertisement fee generated for every download visit.

Is o2tvseries a legit and legal place to download a series?

o2tvseries is a legit and legal website to download a series.

However, there are hundreds of series download sites, many of which are illegal movie download sites.

The best solution is to identify the legitimate sites that provide a free series download like o2tv series which remains a popular free download site for series.

Are there any other useful websites like o2tvseries, where I can download TV series with English subtitles?

Here are the klist of useful websites where you can download TV series with English subtitles.


GrabTheBest is a popular TV website that lets you (users) to download free TV series, episodes and show subtitles.

It has a large library of English TV shows as well as web series that anyone can download without creating an account.


Adder is a great website for TV series downloading where you can search and download TV series.

The site provides you with options to choose video quality such as HD, SD, and full HD with download subtitle options to choose from.

How can I download movies from o2tvseries?

Here are the step by step instructions on how to download o2tv series movies on a computer:

  1. Visit the Recently Added section at o2tvseries.com.
  2. Search the series on o2tvseries.com.
  3. Navigate to the desired episode or browse a specific season and episode.
  4. Select video quality.
  5. Click the option to download HD, MP4 and 3GP format.
  6. Have fun downloading and watch your movies streaming online.

I want to create a site like o2tvseries using WP.com somebody tell me the plugins and everything I need to setup this type of website?

You can create a site like o2tvseries using WordPress theme and plugins.

WordPress gives you everything or plugins you need to create o2tvseries similar type of site.

It’s flexible, secure and powerful and have some of the things you need.

Here are the major components of website design you need to build o2tvseries:

  • Domain name.
  • Dedicated server or VPS or web hosting.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Backup plugin like Code Guard or WP backup plugin.
  • Premium WordPress theme.
  • WordPress download manager – it’s a plugin that lets you manage downloads of digital files and documents, protecting them with passwords and access control.
  • Live streaming WordPress plugins – to enable users to watch your uploaded videos as live streaming. You will need one of these plugins:
    – Free Livestream
    – Bzplayer Pro
    – LiveStream social for WordPress
    – Easy video player WordPress plugin
    – Native web radio player WordPress plugin
    – Video Whisper live streaming plugins

How do move downloading sites like o2tvseries, FZmovies, and Toxiwap manage to download, watermark and upload so many movies to their site?

It is simple. They all have a plan, framework and systems in place that manage downloads, auto creating watermark for uploaded movies and a huge team and VAs that manage upload.

What can I do to download the Big Bang Theory in a Jio phone? I can’t download through o2tvseries because the video starts playing not downloading

If your Jio phone browser does not recognize Big Bang Theory video, you can try downloading it using MP4, HD, MKV, Webm, Flv, 3GP and Wav formats.

Alternatively, download it directly from o2tvseries.com website using your desktop computer and transfer/copy it to your mobile phone (Jio phone).

O2tvseries Downtime

What if o2tvseries is up and reachable but you’re not able to reach it. It might be your connection issues.

How to Troubleshooting o2tvseries.com

If o2tvseries.com is up but not working for you, you can use any of these tips to fix it.

Refresh your browser

  • Click CTRL+F5 to refresh your browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome.
  • To make sure o2tvseries.com loads its recent version, make sure you clear your cookies and browser temporary cache.

Still not resolved? Use Advanced Tips

  • If your ISP is blocking o2tvseries.com, you can use alternate DNS service, such as Google DNS or Open DNS.
  • Clear your local DNS cache. This helps o2tvseries.com loads the recent version from your ISP.
  • For Windows machine, go to Start > Command Prompt > Type ipConfig/flushDNS and hit Enter.


O2tvseries (o2tvseries.com is the only site you can download all your favorite English TV series, movies and season for free and in compatible mobile format like MP4, HD and 3GP.

Is there any other platform or site where you can download complete Tv series season film in different formats like 3GP, HD and MP4 format.

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