Online Payment Tips that can help you make safe online payments

Online Payment Tips that can help you make safe online payments
Online Payment Tips that can help you make safe online payments

Online Payment Tips

Online Payments: Don’t make mistakes when making online payments: Beware | Online Payment Tips Here are some tips that can help you make safe online payments

India’s e-commerce sector is continuously growing. Witnessing several acquisitions. The money business is also digital, not as the digital age grows. Mobile Banking, UPI Payment, Internet Banking and SMS Banking are already in place. India is now digital and cashless. We need to be on guard at this time. Because cyber crime cases are on the rise. We have been hearing reports of lost money from email, SMS and mailings. Hacking is so powerful that in the world of hacking, you need to be careful when doing business in order to be safe. This is why it is important to be careful when making online payments. So what is the precautionary measure to pay securely online ?.

You do business on the Internet, do not use public Wi-Fi or unsecured Wi-Fi or the Internet. Getting public Wi-Fi on your smartphone and entering your credit card and debit card information is like getting into the hands of hackers. There is no need to finance public wi-fi.

Fraudsters exploit the Request feature in UPI. Enter your UPI zip code and send out duplicate requests such as get paid. Their aim is to deceive the UPI PIN. PIN is only required to send money on UPI transfers. There is no need to get.

Check the website link URL https: // before making an online payment. If there are ‘s’ in it you may think that the website is safe. You may think that this is a secure website that is recognized by Google. However, dealing with these through UPI is better.

Percentage of E-mails Prevent Net Banking from being signed into your e-mail as it is over 80 spam. Log out of your e-banking business as soon as you can, so that you can lock your home for the safety of your home in no time. In addition, it is much safer if you use the bank’s authorized app for mobile banking.

The simplest form of security is to change the password on a regular basis. Prepare Internet Banking or UPI Password, Pin Number as Strong. Do not enter your name or your mobile number as a password. Create a password using the number, character and symbols in the password.

Make sure that the anti-virus and firewall are updated on the smartphone or computer you are using. Nowadays this is not a much needed thing. Yet, consider this appeal to double your safety.

Do the mobile banking business at the bank’s official or play store Secure Apps. This is because your information is likely to be leaked. Legal action can be taken against banks even if information is leaked.

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(online payments Tips Here is the some tips that can ensure safe online payments).

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