PlayStation 5 console pre-orders is limited to one per person

There is a rumor that PS5 pre-order information will be announced in August. (Image source: PlayStation)
Some digging in the source code on the PlayStation Direct website seems to have revealed a few interesting tidbits, especially in regard to PlayStation 5 console pre-orders. The shared information has created speculation that PS5 pre-order details are coming soon and that Sony intends to tackle scalpers head on.

That thorny subject of PS5 pre-orders is back, but this time the news stems from PlayStation and Sony. Thanks to some source code digging and a post on ResetEra by a user called Expy, it appears Sony has been preparing the PS Direct site for taking console orders. The text found in the code should please every hard-core PlayStation fan out there who will be desperately trying to make a PlayStation 5 console pre-order when the time comes:

You can only purchase one version of the PS5 Console: Disc or Digital. You have already added one PS5 console to your cart.

Whether this is an attempt from Sony to block scalpers or enforce restrictions because of limited stock – or even both – can only be guessed at. It’s also been pointed out that it’s an interesting move from Sony for two reasons. Firstly, the company might want to take some of those juicy PS5 console sales directly for itself, which makes perfect business sense, and secondly the appearance of that text can certainly be taken as an omen pointing toward an upcoming PS5 pre-order details announcement

An interesting side discovery was the “PS5 compatible” badge that was found hidden in the CSS. The source showed the badge on the page for the DualShock 4 controller, instantly igniting the presumption that the accessory will be compatible with the PS5. Whereas this is mostly likely anyway, the OP did point outthat all the products on the PS Direct site have all the new badges in their code, so it does not necessarily mean the DualShock 4 is actually compatible with the next-gen console.

Source code. (Image source: PlayStation/ResetEra - Expy)
Source code. (Image source: PlayStation/ResetEra – Expy)
PS5 compatible badge. (Image source: PlayStation/ResetEra - Expy)
PS5 compatible badge. (Image source: PlayStation/ResetEra – Expy)


ResetEra via Reddit (1/2) & PS Direct