PS5 removable disc drive to be out in 2024

PS5 removable disc drive to be out in 2023
PS5 removable disc drive to be out in 2023

Apart from the difference, the new 2023 PS5 model will not have major hardware upgrades. Again, this isn’t the new Pro version. It’s just a new console with a fancy driver. It will cease Sony’s manufacturing process. It will also increase the repairability level of the console.

According to an insider that cites unnamed sources this PS5 model carries the”D” designation. This particular model will replace versions A, B, and C. The new “D” model will have components identical to the older models. The only difference is the new disc drive design. Of course, we can also expect different aesthetics and weight.

“Sources suggest that while the new detachable disc drive is portable, it won’t ruin the console’s design. It will be attached to it without looking outward. Presumably, it means the new PlayStation 5 is similar to the existing model,” comments Henderson.


Apparently, this new interesting design will come thanks to an extra USB-C port. This new port will come on the rear of the console. With this change, Sony will see massive advantages in selling the PS5. The “maneuver” will reduce production costs. In addition, consumers can purchase the accessory separately if they have technical issues. Another cool possibility is possible compatibility with digital-only models. Also, in a very “Apple-fashion”, Sony may sell a separate disc driver. Hence, digital edition owners can get access to physical discs.

PS5 removable disc drive to be out in 2023

The journalist says that Sony plans to manufacture over 18.5 million units in fiscal 2023. Thus, it is possible that the current PS5 models will enter the process of discontinuation. For now, keep treating this as a rumor. After all, Sony didn’t confirm the information.

Sony’s situation with the PS5 may improve in 2023

Since its launch in 2024, Sony keeps facing problems with the PS5. Well, not with the console itself. The struggle cycles around the semiconductor crisis and components shortage. Sony has been suffering to ensure the stocks of the PS5, and customers are literally “running” to grab a unit.

This situation forced the company to keep supporting the PS4 for a longer time. Therefore, the old-gen console got a lot of games previously announced as PS5 games.

Despite the problems, the situation tends to get better by 2023. After all, the industry’s situation is improving. Moreover, the Japanese company took a series of measures to improve things. Apart from the multiple revisions, the company partnered with TSMC. The Taiwanese chipmaker will build a plant in Japan. This plant will reportedly help Sony and AMD in the supply of PS5 CPUs.

PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim are still expected

We expect the ongoing generation to live for a long time, perhaps until 2030. It’s a tradition for Sony to launch “Slim” versions of its consoles. The PS5 is the “bulkier” in the company’s story. So, it definitively begs for a compact version. When it comes to Pro, this tendency started with the PS4 Pro. The PS5 has solid hardware, but still, there are some lackluster aspects. Despite the use of “ray-tracing” as a determining point of the new generation, the consoles are not able to offer Ray-tracing with 4K@60fps. Perhaps, Sony’s PS5 Pro will come with a hardware upgrade that opens this possibility.

PS5 removable disc drive to be out in 2023

Sony has a lot of exclusive games coming to the PS5. While God of War Ragnarok is the goodbye for the PS4, the new console is still in its “early years”. The company has a lot of titles coming like Marvel’s Spiderman 2, and Wolverine. The new Final Fantasy XVI is also a PS5 exclusive. The highly anticipated GTA 6 will also reach the console. As we’ve said, despite the “problematic” beginning, the PS5 still has a bright future. The only barrier is the price hike.

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