Sony is Adding PS VR2 Features such as Eye Tracking to Non-VR Games

Sony’s new patent exposed: adding PS VR2 features such as eye tracking to non-VR games.

According to the latest patent submitted by Sony, the company may apply PS VR2 functions such as eye tracking to non-VR games. If these features are implemented, PS VR2 players will enjoy a better gaming experience in many games on PlayStation 5.

Sony launched the PS VR2 headset on February 22 this year, supporting a variety of native VR games, including “Horizon: Call of the Mountain”, “Gran Turismo 7” and “Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate”. Early reports indicate that PS VR2 is not selling well, with low inventory at retailers appearing to be a factor. Sony restocked PS VR2 stock at retailers in the weeks and months after the headset launched, and claimed that sales of the headset exceeded expectations. Despite the current lack of new PS VR2 games being developed by first-party studios, Sony appears to be preparing a major update.

Sony’s latest patent filing shows that the company may plan to apply eye tracking and other PS VR2 features to non-VR games to improve gaming performance when using the headset. The patent details a system that focuses and renders the area the player is looking at at a higher resolution, known as the Region of View (ROG). This process is already supported in native PS VR2 games, such as Horizon: Call of the Mountain, but the patent notes that it can also be applied to non-VR games to improve frame rates at high resolutions. In addition, according to Sony’s patent, PlayStation 5 games may be “patched, upgraded or remade” to support eye tracking and VR functions.

This feature introduced by the patent will allow the PlayStation 5 console to allocate less processing power to areas outside of PS VR2 users’ ROG. Since the processing power is transferred to the ROG, players may enjoy a smoother gaming experience due to frame rate higher. Additionally, in cinematic action games such as Sony Santa Monica Studio’s God of War, graphical detail in ROG will also be improved for clearer images.

NaijaTechNews  needs to point out that the patent does not mean that Sony will definitely launch this feature.

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