Stanbic USSD Code: Transfer, Balance, Airtime

Stanbic USSD Code: Transfer, Balance, Airtime

Stanbic USSD Code: Transfer, Balance, AirtimeStanbic USSD Code: Transfer, Balance, Airtime

Stanbic USSD Code: Transfer, Balance, Airtime – Are you looking for the Stanbic USSD code to perform simple transactions like withdrawals, transfers, blocking cards, balance checking, airtime recharge, and so on? Knowing some essential USSD codes for Stanbic IBTC is great and makes banking seamless especially if you’re a customer.

While the Stanbic mobile USSD banking is easy, many don’t know the codes and end up asking; What is the Stanbic USSD code for transfer, what code can I use to buy airtime from Stanbic, what is the Stanbic USSD code for checking balance, and so on.

If you’re among those looking for the correct answers to those questions or other related Stanbic mobile banking queries, just keep reading, for you’ll not only see the Stanbic USSD code here, but I will also show you how to register it, how to activate it and how to use the Stanbic USSD code for any transactions on your Stanbic account.

Are you ready to know those simple Across Bank mobile banking codes? Then, let’s get started!

About Stanbic USSD Code

The Stanbic USSD code is a uniquely created short code, and/or set of simple and easy-to-remember codes that are designed by Stanbic IBTC to make banking seamless for its customers.

With these codes, you can carry out various transactions on your bank account right from your phone without having to go to a Stanbic bank branch.

The cool thing is that you can perform almost any and every banking transaction with the USSD code for Stanbic. Below is a list of those transactions.

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Features of Stanbic USSD Code

The following are what the Stanbic USSD code can help you with.

  • Open a bank account
  • Airtime purchase
  • Transferring funds
  • Check your bank balance
  • Request for a new card
  • Block a card
  • Change your card
  • PIN Request for a cheque book
  • Pay bills
  • Access EZ Cash Loan
  • Request Statement
  • @Ease Wallet

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Stanbic USSD Code Requirements

Before being able to use the Stanbic USSD code, the following are the requirements that need to be met.

  • You must be or are about to be a Stanbic customer
  • You must have an identity card
  • A mobile device on which the code will be entered is required.

Once all those requirements are met, you can now use the USSD code for Stanbic.

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Stanbic USSD Code

The Stanbic USSD code is *909#. This code can be used to carry out different banking transactions including balance enquiries, transfers, airtime purchase, paying, opening an account, blocking of ATM card, requesting account statement, and so on, right from your mobile phone.

Upon dialing the code, a pop-up menu containing all the listed features and others will be displayed on your phone’s screen where you can select your preferred ones and follow the prompts to use them.

Although the Stanbic IBTC USSD code works well for all transactions, one cool thing about the Stanbic 909 banking code is that some are designed for specific types of transactions.

Below is a table that contains all the Stanbic shortcodes for all transactions.

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List of Stanbic USSD Code

Transactions USSD Codes
Check Balance *909*1*1# or *909# > 2
Transfer to Stanbic Account *909*11*Amount*Account Number#
Transfer to Other Banks *909*22*Amount*Account Number#
Airtime Top Up Self *909*Amount#
Airtime Top Up Others *909*Amount*Phone Number#
Pay Cable Bills *909# > Pay Bills
Retrieve BVN *565*0#
Account Opening *909*0#

How to Activate Stanbic USSD Code

While all the codes above serve as a shortcut to some transactions, even if you’re a Stanbic IBTC bank account holder, you must register your line with the *909# code before you can start enjoying the Stanbic bank USSD code.

The following is how to register and activate the Stanbic IBTC USSD code.

  • Using the phone number/sim registered with your account, *909*11*1# to create or change your PIN
  • Enter the last six digits of your debit card
  • Enter your date of birth (DOB)
  • Create a new Stanbic IBTC PIN for USSD transactions.
  • Enter the PIN again for confirmation, and the activation is complete.

Immediately after your USSD activation is successful, you can start performing any transactions of your choice using the *909# on your Stanbic bank account.

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Stanbic USSD Code for Transfer

The Stanbic USSD code to transfer money from Stanbic to Stanbic is *909*11*Amount*Account Number#. To transfer money from Stanbic to other banks using the Stanbic USSD code, simply dial *909*22*Amount*Account Number#, select the bank, and enter your PIN to authorize the transfer.

e.g if you want to send N1000 to 01111111111 (Stanbic account number) simply dial *909*11*1000*01111111111#. If you want to transfer N1000 to 1000000000 (other banks <UBA>), just dial *909*22*1000*1000000000#, select the option for First Bank, then enter your PIN.

Stanbic USSD Code for Checking Balance

You can check your Stanbic account balance by simply dialing *909*1*1#, or dial *909#, and select the option to check balance, then enter your PIN, and the money you have left in your Stanbic account will be displayed on your screen.

Stanbic USSD Code: Transfer, Balance, Airtime

Stanbic USSD Code for Buying Airtime

The Stanbic USSD code to buy airtime for yourself (SIM linked with your Stanbic account) is *909*Amount#. To buy airtime for other numbers/sims, dial *909*Amount*Phone Number#.

E.g if you want to recharge 300 Naira for yourself, simply dial *909*300#, and your line will be credited with a N300 recharge card. If you want to recharge another line 07010000000 (your other lines or for friends and/or family) with N300, just dial, *909*300*07010000000#, then enter your PIN to authorize the transaction.

Stanbic USSD Code for Opening an Account

The USSD code for Stanbic account opening is *909*0#, accept the mobile banking terms and continue to follow the prompts to open an account with Stanbic.

Stanbic BVN USSD Code

To retrieve your Stanbic USSD code using the USSD code on Stanbic, simply dial *565*0#, and follow the screen instructions.

Stanbic USSD Code Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it

If you’re a new or old Stanbic Bank account holder, and you’ve been trying the USSD mobile banking code for Stanbic and it’s not working, here are some causes and how to fix them.

  • Bad Network Connection: when there is no or bad network coverage either from your end (mobile network providers) or from the bank’s network, you may get an error message after dialing the Stanbic USSD to perform any transactions. To fix this, you’ll need to wait for some time and try again.
  • You’re Not Yet Registered or Haven’t Activated the USSD Code: If you haven’t registered and activated the Stanbic code with the phone number you registered your account with, the Stanbic IBTC code may not work. To fix this, make sure you activate the Stanbic bank code on your line.
  • You’re Dialing the USSD code on an unlinked/wrong phone number: If the SIM you registered your account number with is not used to dial the code, it may not work. To fix this, make sure you’re using the correct line.

USSD Code for Stanbic – FAQs

How can I get USSD code for Stanbic?

The USSD code for Stanbic mobile banking is *909#.

How do I set up Stanbic mobile banking?

You can at up your Stanbic USSD mobile banking by simply dialing *909# using the phone number/line registered with your Stanbic bank account, select Accept, and start enjoying Stanbic mobile banking.

How can I check my Stanbic details?

You can check your Stanbic details by simply dialing *909*1*1#, then your Stanbic Bank details including account balance, and BVN will be displayed on your screen.


The USSD mobile banking service is without a doubt, the fastest and easiest way to carry out any banking transactions. This is because you don’t have to visit a bank branch or even use data for carrying out any of these transactions.

With this simple but in-depth post about the Stanbic USSD code, I believe you’ve known how to activate the Stanbic USSD code, and how to use it for various transactions.

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