TIGO USSD codes use in Ghana

TIGO USSD codes allow it’s users to do transactions, changing your pin code and borrowing credit and so much more. see the list below

*124#Balance enquiry. Check your credit balance.
*188#Tigo SoS or call 188 to borrow airtime
*505*4*2#Check your Tigo mobile number
*134*PIN#Recharge airtime
*505#Access Tigo’s product and services menu
*828#Manage all your Tigo products in just one place.
*134*xxx xxx xxxx#To Recharge Airtime
text month to 2040Tigo unlimited monthly plan on modem/tablet/pc for a charge of GHC39.99
*110#Tigo cash menu
*500#Internet packages + unlimited music
*540#Blackberry service plans
*123#Tigo gift data. Send data as a gift to your friend.
*556#Tigo ring back tones
*187#Tigo extra time. Get 60 seconds talk time to complete a call or make several Tigo to Tigo calls. Can also call 188.
*360#Tigo Blackberry Plans
*555*1#Tigo FreeBonto
text month to 2060Tigo unlimited internet monthly mobile plan for a monthly charge of GHC22.99 text month to 2060
text day to 2065Tigo unlimited internet daily plan for a daily cost of GHC 0.99 text day to 2065
text week to 2060Tigo unlimited internet weekly mobile plan for a weekly charge of GHC 5.99 text week to 2060
text day to 2045Tigo unlimited daily plan on modem/tablet/pc for a charge of GHC 1.99
text week to 2040Tigo unlimited weekly plan on pc/modem/tablet for a charge of GHC 9.99
PORT to 600Number portability
108Voicemail sending
109Voicemail receiving
100Call centre
*502*1#Unsubscribe from services
*501*9#Tigo cash pin reset
Dial 786Free counselling with Rev. Father Mike Joy on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 am.
0277101020Whatsapp line
*900#Tigo family care insurance. To deactivate dial *828#.
*477#Tigo my way
*400#To know if your number is registered
*123*5#To request credit from friends or family.
*123*3#To transfer credit to someone.
*540#Blackberry plans
02xxxxxxxx Simbox to 419Report SIM-Box fraud
*740*1234*027……..*amount#To transfer credit to friends or loved ones. You can also use *123*3#.

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