Top 10 Google Voice Alternatives in 2023

Are you looking for a reliable Google Voice alternative for local and international calls? Find out the best calling platforms that are alternatives to Google Voice.


Google Voice is a call management service that uses VoIP to let you make phone calls to different countries.

While most Google Voice calls made to US and Canada are free, you must pay for calls to other countries.

However, the service has certain limitations for which you might want to use the best alternatives to Google Voice.

Best Google Voice Alternatives

1. Ringblaze

Ringblaze is one of the best alternatives to Google Voice. This phone system lets you create your business’s local, toll-free, or vanity numbers.

You can get your choice’s US, Canada, or international numbers using this platform. Besides making and receiving calls globally, you can use this number for business texting and call forwarding.

Call forwarding, automatic attendant, and customer history access are other highlighted features of Ringblaze.

Perfect for team collaboration, you can use this telephone service from your computer and smartphone.

It even offers a call widget that you install on your website for users to call you directly on that number. The pricing of this platform starts at $15/user/month.

2. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is another ideal option for US and Canadian small business owners who want to use a Google Voice alternative. It helps them keep their business and personal calls isolated.

As you get a virtual phone number for your business, it becomes easier to manage your phone systems.

Now, calling, receiving calls, and texting will become possible from your mobile or desktop. Besides local, toll-free, and vanity numbers, it allows you to port your existing number.

At the same time, a dedicated number will help you get a professional impression from your customers and clients.

Other top features of Grasshopper include call forwarding, voicemail, virtual fax, custom greetings, call transfer, incoming call control, voicemail transcription, and extensions.

Its pricing starts at $28/user/month, and you can also opt for the free trial.

3. RingCentral

RingCentral is a leading VoIP phone system for all sizes of businesses. It brings all key conversations into one platform for smooth business workflow.

You can add this phone service to your apps like Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce. It also supports scalability by letting you add new devices, lines, offices, and remote teams in minutes.

What’s more, RingCentral offers you simple yet efficient analytics and integration facilities. Companies with distributed teams can use 18 languages for IVRs, voice prompts, and settings.

You can opt for any of its subscription plans, starting at $19.99/user/month. It also offers a free trial.

4. OpenPhone

OpenPhone is a good Google Voice alternative for a startup or small business.

This solution lets you get US and Canadian phone numbers (both local and toll-free) for departments and colleagues. It also allows you to port your North American phone number into it.

This app provides a dedicated inbox that stores all your conversations, call logs, call recordings, and voicemail transcriptions.

All address book entries get customizable properties and note features for tracking the details of each customer.

You can integrate OpenPhone with Google, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, and Slack for contact synchronization and call analysis.

The pricing of its plans starts at $13/user/month, and you can also use its free trial before purchasing these.

5. Nextiva

Nextiva offers various communications solutions to remote teams, including modern business phone service.

Using this service, you can instantly call, chat, video call, or share screens with others. It has apps for mobile and desktop that you can use to get all communication tools from one place.

You can make unlimited HD voice calls using your business number. You can also use this app for voice and video conferencing with your teammates.

Nextiva also offers features like a local number, toll-free number, customized caller ID for your number, call routing, advanced voicemail, SMS, MMS, and screen sharing.

The minimum cost of getting its plan will be $17.95/month for every user.

6. Aircall

If you want the best alternative to Google Voice for your sales and support team, Aircall is an ideal fit. This cloud-based solution will transform the user experience with its unlimited outbound calls.

You can close deals quickly using features like PowerDialer, click-to-dial, and real-time coaching.

You can even integrate Aircall with other cloud tools, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk. Its pricing starts at $30/user/ month, and you can also try it for free.

7. Sideline

Do you want to keep your personal number private and have business communications at your fingertips? Choose Sideline.

It offers a Pro plan that helps your business thrive with organized contacts, separate work numbers, and robust texting. Alternatively, there’s a Standard plan for home and personal use.

Using Sideline, you can stay in touch with customers on the go and manage conversations with an automated response.

You can even use its texting feature for marketing campaigns and promotions. Moreover, it offers text reminders, notes, text templates, automatic replies, web texting, and spam protection.

Sideline Pro, a dedicated plan for the business, will cost you $14.99 per month. You can also try out the Sideline Standard for $9.99 per month if you want fewer features.

8. GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect is another reliable Google Voice alternative that you can use to add flexibility to your current phone system.

It offers you unlimited phone numbers for your business. The numbers could be local, vanity, or toll-free.

You can use the virtual voicemail service of GoTo Connect, which converts the voicemail into a transcript, email, or text. Auto-attendants, call routing, call queues, and call forwarding is its other key features.

The subscription plans of this solution start at $27/month for every user. Before purchasing, you can use it for free for 14 days.

9. Zoom Phone

Primarily being famous as a video conferencing platform, Zoom also offers Zoom Phone service.

It offers local telephony services in 47 countries and additional coverage in 45+ more countries through partners.

In addition, this cloud VoIP service offers toll-free service in 25+ countries. It supports call forwarding, call routing, call recording, voicemail, call blocking, and call delegation.

Zoom Phone also has a robust admin portal that helps you proficiently manage the phone service.

10. Ooma

Ooma offers customizable phone, messaging, and video services for small businesses and enterprises.

You get free local and toll-free numbers from this solution. Its mobile app lets you use this service from anywhere through your mobile phone.

Ooma offers HD-quality audio on local and international calls at a low rate. You can also use the virtual receptionist feature. It has multiple business plans starting at $19.99/user/month.


Google Voice is often the first choice of businesses looking for a cost-effective and convenient VoIP calling service.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for Google Voice alternatives, here are the best options.

We hope you compare the features of each of these best alternatives to Google Voice before selecting one for your business.

In the comments, you can also tell us which product you chose for your company and why. Also, check this article on how to change Google Voice number.