Tunisia Jumia Black Friday sales 2024

Tunisia jumia black friday

Jumia Black Friday is the biggest shopping event in Tunisia where many Urban Tunisia shop and save on Jumia like it is the last day of shopping. Jumia Black Friday Month helps people save money. The Tunisia Black Friday sales are the time to shop if you’re looking for the top discounts on your preferred stuff.

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Consumers can take advantage of the amazing offers during the Black Friday Sale by simply downloading the Jumia App. The campaign will feature Treasure Hunt, Brand Days, Daily Check-In, Flash Sales and Jumia Games, where consumers can win exciting prizes and get further discounts on several products.

Explore the best Black Friday 2023 deals and offers in Jumia Tunisia starting 3th – 30th November ! Shop online for incredible discounts and savings

There will be a ton of promotional opportunities, including free vouchers, flash sales, treasure hunts, and a number of others.

You can count on getting some fantastic deals on the newest and best technology, as well as on household items, mobile phones, smartwatches, kid’s toys, cosmetics, clothing, and other items.

Fortunately, the countdown to Jumia Black Friday 2023 has begun. It will debut on November 3rd, 2023, and end on November 30th, 2023.

The event is devoted to providing superior customer service to buyers throughout the world, making it one of the biggest Jumia festive events in history.

As Tunisia Jumia will be celebrating its profit season, it is predicted that the Tunisia Jumia Black Friday 2023 would be greater than before.

Tunisia Jumia claims that this year’s Black Friday would be fantastic with unbelievable bargain offerings.

Tunisia Jumia Black Friday Biggest sales

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The Best Ways to Shop on Jumia Black Friday

On Black Friday, almost everyone will be looking for bargains, so it can become a little competitive. Due to the item being sold out or the sale period has finished, you can lose out on some excellent offers.

Here’s how to get Jumia’s best Black Friday offers:

1. Free vouchers (discounts of up to 10%)

During Jumia’s Black Friday discounts, using free vouchers might save you an additional 10% on everything and you can receive up to an additional N3000 in product discounts.

Visit the Jumia voucher website to obtain discounts. The vouchers are separated into groups like smartphones, jewelry, fitness, and others.

Additionally, the voucher you possess is restricted to what is offered in each category. For instance, if there is a 5% off on a smartphone voucher and an 8% off a smartwatch, you will only receive 5% off your order if you purchase a smartphone.

Day vouchers and week vouchers are the two categories into which Jumia free vouchers are divided. The week voucher is good for the full week, but the day voucher is only good for one day. Despite the fact that the daily voucher often offers larger savings than the weekly voucher.

2. Flash Sales Deals (Up to 80% off)

For a brief period of time, Jumia flash sales offer substantial discounts off products in low supply, up to 70% off. So, place your purchase as soon as you can to avoid missing out on an item during a flash sale.

3. Exclusive Daily Offers (up to 50% off)

There will be exclusive daily discounts on the majority of products starting on November 3 when Jumia Black Friday commences and running through November 30. You only need to open the Jumia website or app to see discounts on a variety of goods.

The companies who have teamed up with Jumia to give clients exclusive discounts during the Black Friday event are listed below.

Adidas, Nivea, Oraimo, Xiaomi, CocaCola, Diageo, Samsung, Unilever, Nestle, Weyon, Edifier, Umidigi

So, if you’re wanting to buy something from them, keep an eye out because you might be able to obtain it for half the price.

4. Weekend Super Savers (10% discount)

Jumia gives an additional 10% discount during the Black Friday weekend sales, but only if you use a credit or debit card to purchase.

5. Treasure Hunt

During the treasure hunt, you can obtain a product at 99% off. However, the treasure hunt game is only available for prepaid purchases and is quite competitive.

You must join up before clicking on the Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt graphic to start the treasure hunt. Remember that the thing you’re looking for is always under a different name and in a different category.

For instance, if a JBL Bluetooth speaker is the target of a treasure hunt, it may be placed under the label “baby lotion” under the baby items category.

To uncover the hidden treasure, you will need to sift through hundreds of things since every other item in the category will be another item that is in the same category.

Prior to someone else finding it and purchasing it before you, pay for it as soon as you locate it. Additionally, each customer is only permitted to purchase one treasure hunt item for the whole Black Friday event.

See Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt Page

6. Additional Jumia Games

Jumia Tower, Jumia Hero, and Check in and Win are just a few of the various games you can play to earn prizes and Jumia stars.

Simply use a crane to stack boxes from left to right to receive prizes with Jumia Tower. On the Jumia app, you can play the game as much as you like, but you can only use your prizes once every day.

Simply logging onto the Jumia website or app will give you prizes when you check in and win. The check-in incentive is only available once daily and is only good for 24 hours.

7. Jumia Live Giveaway

The Jumia live giveaway offers you the chance to win fantastic gifts as well. But first, you must have a Jumia account, so create one if you don’t already have one.

Join the live giveaway event at noon and submit your phone number after that. Your luck will play a role there; if you’re fortunate, your number will be one of the 10 selected numbers.

After that, you’ll get a call asking you to respond to a question regarding the giveaway item; if you provide the right answer, you win.

8. Jumia Quiz Game

You could have a shot at the quiz game if you can stay up beyond midnight on a Monday. You must access the Jumia app at midnight, click on the quiz game page, and properly respond to all of the questions within the allotted time (30 seconds for each question) in order to win.

With 10 questions and a total of 10 points, the customer with the most points wins. Additionally, Jumia employees are not permitted to take the quiz or win more than once.

9. The Fortune Wheel

Another entertaining game played on Jumia Black Friday is the wheel of fortune. Go to the spin and win page after opening the Jumia. Cool rewards, such things or Jumia product discounts, are up for grabs.

Take a snapshot of where your spin falls after clicking “spin.” After capturing the screenshot, you still need to share it on social media with a hashtag and garner at least 1000 likes.

Only if the number of likes on the post is up to 1000, it wins. If you win, your username will be revealed 24 hours after the contest ends.

Jumia Black Friday Sales

Phones and Laptops

Yes, you can get great prices on smartphones and computers during the black Friday season. Numerous companies, including Lenovo, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, HP, Samsung, Intel, and Asus, are giving their devices away at attractive prices.

Gadgets and Home Appliances

During the Black Friday event on Jumia, all of the aforementioned brands are providing discounts on their items. As a result, you could save a lot of money on your favorite household appliances, including fans, blenders, refrigerators, washing machines, and more.


Jumia has worked with fashion companies like Adidas, Defacto, Nike, Mini Focus, Aomei, and more to provide amazing discounts on apparel, shoes, and accessories.

Cyber Monday Deals at Jumia

Some of the best Black Friday deals aren’t even available on an actual day. During Cyber Monday, you may save up to 90% on Jumia.


On Cyber Monday, the final Monday after Black Friday, you may obtain fantastic discounts on a wide range of goods, with savings ranging from 30% to 90%. There are treasure hunt products, flash deals, and amazing quiz reward opportunities.

Be on the lookout for discounts on your favorite things on Cyber Monday if you are unable to buy them during Black Friday festivities.

Want to be sure you don’t miss Jumia Black Friday? Keep checking the Jumia Black Friday 2023 special page at www.jumia.com.ng/black…

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