Ubuntu Kylin open source operating system 20.04.1 update released: over 300 improvements

Ubuntu Kylin open source operating system 20.04.1 update released: over 300 improvements

This morning, Ukylin open source operating system said that it has released the latest system update of Ukylin 20.04.1, with more than 300 updates.

Ubuntu Kylin open source operating system 20.04.1 update released: over 300 improvements

▲ Source: Ukylin open source operating system

Naijatechnews.com understands that this update involves many aspects such as the start menu, file manager, taskbar, sidebar, and control panel .

It should be noted that Unikylin stated that in order to ensure the stability of the long-term support version of Unikylin 20.04, the update has not yet synchronized the new features of 20.10, and it is expected to be pushed in the next update.

Function improvement and BUG repair (2024-11-03):

Start Menu

  • Fix no cursor in search box
  • Fix the failure of side personalization
  • Fix the start menu display problem when the screen is locked
  • Fix window overlap in default state
  • Optimize Chinese search

File manager

  • New desktop, select a file and press Enter to directly open or enter the folder
  • New shortcut key (Ctrl+H), support for displaying hidden files on the desktop
  • In the newly added recent files, jump to the directory where the right-click options and functions
  • Add directly drag files to the favorites folder
  • Added more wallpaper settings for pictures in common formats
  • Added WPS office file classification filter
  • Added file color mark display
  • New pop-up option for mobile devices in computer view
  • Added odp, ods and other compressed format files to support decompression
  • Add recent empty all options
  • Added floating prompt for operation menu
  • Added support for dragging files to the sidebar path
  • Repair files lost on mobile devices after file operations
  • Fix the crash caused by multiple file copy queue cancellation
  • Fix the mouse offset of dragging window under high score screen
  • Fix the response problem of switching to list view when there are many files
  • Fix search problems such as invalid recursive search
  • Fix wallpaper issues such as the failure of switching between pure color wallpapers
  • Fix device mounting problems such as crashes caused by accidental mounting and unmounting operations
  • Fix the recycle bin problem of selecting multiple files in the recycle bin to view the properties and displaying blank
  • Fix formatting issues such as changing formatting options after starting the formatting operation
  • Fix file operation problems such as the progress bar flashing during file copying or moving
  • Optimize the content of the right-click menu such as the right-click to open the file and select the program list

mission Board

  • Newly added taskbar start menu button right-click secondary menu
  • Added the page turning function when there are more than five icons in the quick launch bar
  • Added quick launch bar icon drag sort function
  • Fix the taskbar crash caused by loading and unloading packages
  • Repair calendar plugin month selection option click invalid
  • Fix the quick launch bar cannot open the Chinese path application
  • Fix the taskbar does not support VNC remote desktop
  • Fix issues related to extended screen
  • Fix the problem that the icon is blocked after the taskbar is adjusted in size and position
  • Optimize the CPU usage of the taskbar


  • Fix the clipboard font changes with the size of the control panel
  • Fix the alarm related issues such as the end time of the original countdown after the countdown is paused
  • Fix user feedback program issues such as abnormal file list display
  • Fix the note-related issues such as abnormal total count of notes when searching

control panel

  • Added restore function after display resolution change
  • Added mouse wheel speed setting
  • Added user group privilege escalation interface to complete the control panel privilege escalation verification function
  • New keyboard layout preview function
  • Added the mouse hover effect of the secondary navigation bar
  • Added home page search and jump function
  • New control panel preload function
  • Added wallpaper, lock screen, shortcut keys and cloud account synchronization function
  • Fix refresh issues such as changing the resolution when modifying the refresh rate
  • Fix the problem that the display automatically restores to the default after the shortcut key is changed
  • Fix the problem of shortcut keys such as adding shortcut keys and pressing enter is invalid
  • Fix other problems such as the inability to open the control panel under VNC

log in

  • Add the state of the numeric keypad that remembers the last login
  • Added a floating prompt for the button in the lower right corner
  • Add a background image for memory login
  • Fix the incomplete display when the username is too long
  • Fix issues such as abnormal display of login interface caused by monitor hot swap

Lock screen

  • Added Ctrl+K shortcut to invoke virtual keyboard
  • Added call lock screen when suspended and sleeping
  • Fix the probability that the password cannot be entered
  • Fixed a white screen when the background image does not exist
  • Fix the screen cannot be locked when logging in with gdm
  • Fixed the root user not showing avatar
  • Fix the problem that the screen cannot be locked when VNC is turned on

Window manager

  • Add custom theme plugin
  • New form fillet
  • Added thick shadows for borders
  • Added 4K screen dpi precise zoom
  • New low-performance CPU adaptation
  • Fixed issues such as flickering screen when switching special effects through the control panel
  • Optimize memory usage

Network tools

  • Fixed the probabilistic “wireless network card not detected” prompt when booting
  • Fix that when there are two wireless network cards, it may not connect to the wired network.
  • Fix that the control panel settings are not synchronized when the network tool is turned on and off the Wifi switch
  • Fix the problem that the network speed is displayed as 0 again after the wireless network card is switched
  • Optimize the animation effect of Wifi switch button

U Disk Management Tool

  • After uninstalling the first inserted U disk on the file manager, click the tray icon, the process crashes
  • Repair the U disk boot disk is empty
  • Fix conflict with gparted application
  • Fixed the probabilistic crash of the process after inserting a second-partition U disk with a boot disk
  • Fix the problem that the removable hard disk cannot be recognized normally

Sound management

  • Repair no boot sound after booting
  • When the system is playing a video, the volume bar of the drag application is fixed to flicker
  • Fix that after mute the task bar, adjusting the volume size to unmute does not take effect
  • Fix the problem of no frosted glass effect when the transparency is lowest in mini mode

Power management

  • Added udev rule for mouse wakeup
  • Fix the incorrect selection list of power program in the control panel
  • Fix issues such as shutdown button call
  • Optimized program icons for power statistics


  • Added Win+* key combination, including file manager, lock screen, terminal, and control panel
  • Added mouse wheel speed setting
  • Added mouse acceleration and deceleration function
  • Fixed the problem of setting the mouse size when changing the 4K screen
  • Fix the mouse position visibility of Ctrl-Shift-M conflict in Ctrl-Shift
  • Fixed no zoom popup prompt when switching between 4K and normal screen
  • Fix issues such as unavailable horizontal sliding of the touchpad
  • Optimize the way to obtain the ID of the touch screen device

System theme

  • Added 2 sets of cursor themes
  • Fix problems such as inconspicuous terminal font display
  • Optimize theme switching speed and tabwidget switching animation

System monitor

  • Added classification and identification of optical discs and various interfaces and functions of optical discs
  • Added disk io rate for each process
  • Added the resource interface and data display of the system monitor
  • Fix system idle time display error
  • Optimize CPU usage

Kylin Assistant

  • Fix issues such as inconsistent memory information units
  • Optimize startup speed

Kirin weather

  • When there is no new matching result, the selection column will be empty and prompt
  • Added that the main interface will be displayed directly at the first run when it is not started automatically
  • New tray right-click menu function
  • Added the popular city section of the favorite city interface
  • Fix that the search result of the sub-window of the favorite interface cannot be clicked
  • Fix issues related to city management
  • Optimize the size of the search bar and adaptive search results
  • Optimize city window name

Kylin Software Store

  • New Youku client
  • New Blue Letter software
  • Added ZJCA certificate assistant
  • Add Thunder download
  • New Red Lotus browser
  • Add Pointer Reader
  • Update Sogou input method
  • Update WPS office software

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