What is BTC Pay Server, and how does it Works?

What is BTC Pay Server, and how does it Works?

What is BTC Pay Server, and how does it Works?

What is BTC Pay Server, and how does it Works?

Well, BTCPay Server is a crypto payment processor that is free and open-source. It allows the users to receive payments in the form of BTC and all altcoins. The entire process of transactions is performed via the lighting network on-chain.

There is the involvement of fees, middlemen, and transaction costs of any type. It’s a kind of non-custodial system which aims to neglect third-party involvement.

All payments made through BTC Pay directly go to the wallet with high security and privacy. When you have to receive payments to your BTC Pay Server, the private keys are not required. In addition, there are now re-use addresses as every invoice needs a new address for receiving payments to wallets. Also, an exchange like chesworkshop.org is also used for making transactions, and many others are present.


Reasons to choose BTCPay over other processors.

The first and great perk that only BTCPay offers its users is free to use. Folks are free to perform all sorts of activities via it. Its community makes it non-custodial and open-source software. Compared to all other processors, it allows the users to receive entire payments through a P2P network. All the transactions are made to your hardware or software wallets. It’s self-hosted payment software, which means you have your system. The negligence of third parties enhances censorship resistance, security, and privacy.

What is BTC Pay Server, and how does it Works?

Why is everyone curious about BTCPay?

The foremost reason the community is excited or ready to use it is that it offers an easy way for charities and owners to receive BTC payments. It increases privacy along with better security for the donors or customers. There are plethoras of great features proffered by BTCPay. Among all these, the best one is that it offers complete services for free and gives stunning chances to the users to build things.

Now, most people are asking who can use the particular payment system. So, different types of users are present that can make use of it. For example, lightning network users, merchants, exchanges, content creators, and hosting providers use it for receiving payments. To learn more, individuals can use Case Page as they get plenty of helpful information in detail.

How to install the software and learn to use it?

For installing the system, one needs to check the different deployment systems. After comparing them alone by one, they need to choose that which suits their requirements. To get the answers to all your questions, it’s advisable to visit the deployment FAQ section. On the official BTCPay Server channel, you can find tutorial videos from where you can get help installing the software and using it accordingly.

Main 5 reasons to deal with BTCPay 

Are you looking for some good and practical reasons that prove why it’s the best to choose BTCPay for payments-related activities? If yes, then you stepped into the right place because below are the perfect solutions to your queries.

  • No involvement of middleman 

Everyone now can deploy their own BTC Pay server. All the payments can be directly received in your cryptocurrency wallet. There are no third parties present, and users have complete control.

  • It’s secure enough 

Compared to other payment processors or servers, BTCPay allows users to perform a secured process. Due to the negligence of third parties and intermediaries, everything is safe and secure. Also, the particular server has no access to the private keys and doesn’t require the custodial wallet to process the work. It can also work in hardware wallets.

  • Free

Yes, it is entirely free to use whether you are anyone. It’s only because it offers complete command in the hand of users. As there is no involvement of middlemen or third parties, all tasks can be performed by owners.

  • Focus on privacy

Well, during the BTCPay transactions, no data or information is shared. All the information of the customers remained private as its only software. Also, it’s scalable software where you can track everything anytime.

  • All payment service features

The same software supports invoicing, which means users can manage or create invoices accordingly. Apart from it, BTCPay also features patronage, refunds, pull payments, tipping and automatic selling, etc.

So, overall BTCPay server nowadays is the better option among all processors or systems. Receiving payments in Bitcoin is the safest and most straightforward method without the involvement of third parties or individuals.

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