Xiaomi Mi 14 black version pictures

On the evening of October 26, Xiaomi held a press conference and officially released the new Xiaomi 14 series of mobile phones, including Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14. At present, We have obtained the black Xiaomi Mi 14 mobile phone. Let us take a look through the picture appreciation first.

On the packaging, this phone uses a classic white paper packaging box with a gray “xiaomi 14” logo on the front and a red Leica dot. The overall packaging box has a simple design, which is Xiaomi’s consistent style.

Opening the package, we look directly at the Xiaomi Mi 14 mobile phone body. The black model is completely black with almost no other color embellishments. It is very pure and unified, and looks deep and elegant.

At the same time, the back of Xiaomi Mi 14 uses a piece of velvet AG glass with pure black color, which looks very low-key and textured. The “xiaomi” Logo at the bottom has a high-gloss paint texture, which brings a bit of agility to the overall back. feel.

The most eye-catching thing on the back of the entire phone is obviously the camera module. This time Xiaomi Mi 14 uses the new Leica Optical Summilux lens. The lens module is a rounded rectangular design with a black glass panel. The bottom of the panel is also wrapped with a square metal ring. The metal ring The top is decorated with Paris studs, and the sides are brightly polished, injecting a fashionable and sophisticated gene into the overall phone.

The glass back panel of the fuselage transitions into the middle frame of the phone through a sharp and narrow arc. Xiaomi Mi 14 uses a polished metal middle frame, matched with matte velvet AG glass on the back. Adding to the liveliness, the middle frame is at a right angle without any curvature, making the body look tougher and more stylish.

Following the middle frame to the front of the phone, Xiaomi Mi 14 uses a 6.36-inch extremely slight four-curved screen. The edge of the screen is directly connected to the middle frame of the phone with a very slight arc. At the same time, this screen is visually equilateral and extremely narrow in width, so it can bring a very shocking visual impact when the screen is turned on.

In addition, the weight of this phone is 193g, the thickness of the body is only 8.2mm, and the width of the whole phone is only 71.5mm. It is a little heavy in the hand. At the same time, although Xiaomi Mi 14 uses a right-angled middle frame, due to the edge of the back glass The curved surface transitions, so although it is not as soft as hyperboloid glass and rounded middle frame when holding it, it is not particularly harsh on the hand.

In terms of accessories, Xiaomi Mi 14 comes with a 90W fast charging head, data cable, manual, card removal pin and a black silicone protective case.

Overall, Xiaomi Mi 14 has a simple design, a lot of fashion genes, and solid workmanship. For a flagship phone, its appearance and texture are worthy of recognition.


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