9mobile Unlimited Streaming Pak & Streaming Data Plan On VPN

As of last week we made a post on 9mobile social pak cheat which implies both 9mobile social pak and 9mobile chatpak that was power with a VPN to gain more usage of the data, today we move forward to another one which is9mobile Streaming pak and 9mobile unlimited streaming pak for same 9mobile  data plan.

Actually this article targets two plans which we are going to activate both and power it up with a VPN called EC Tunnel VPN, I hope you have heard about the VPN before if not you will get more Info about the VPN here.

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We move forward to know something more about the streaming pak and the unlimited streaming pak, yea two things at a time we make it that way so that you should know which one you ‘ll go for and the one that is much more favorable.

A 9mobile streaming pak is a normal data plan for streaming which is not unlimited and they are categorized into different parts which we will discuss in the next two paragraphs, this Streaming data plan is Data capped.

The other plan which we call 9mobile unlimited streaming pak plan is unlimited but the unlimited also has a limit in the sense that if you subscribe to the plan you will be given  1GB + 3 hours for streaming you will know how to activate it soon.

Both of these plans can’t not power all apps. They are restricted for that,  that’s why we make use of EC tunnel VPN to get it to power up all apps let check it how.

Requirements For 9mobile Streaming Pak Data Plan On EC Tunnel VPN

  • EC Tunnel VPN Download it here 
  • N200, N500, or N1000 to subscribe to the streaming data plan.
    (DATA Available as Daily, 3 Days, Weekly And Monthly)
  • Subscription process dial *200# the select option 3 then 4
  • You will be provide with menu option as shown below :

Features Of The Streaming Data plan

  1. Daily plan which is 200 give 600MB plus Valid For 2 hours or more.
  2. 3 Days plan which is 500 give 1GB or 1.5GB plus.
  3. Weekly plan which is 1000 give 2GB plus Validity 7days.

Recommend plan for this streaming pak or Data plan is option weekly and monthly which contains much more data that can be use to download and stream online well, No we move to the next requirements which are:

Requirements For 9mobile Unlimited Streaming Pak on VPN 

  • Just N200 airtime For subscription
  • Ec tunnel VPN get it above
  • 3GB or 4GB network
  • That’s all.

How To Subscribe To 9mobile Unlimited Streaming Pak

  1. Goto you phone and opt in to the 9x data plan by dialling *611*20#
  2. Recharge 200 airtime and dial the code *253*20# to subscribe to the streaming data plan.
  3. You will be redeemed with 1GB + 3Hours for streaming.
  4. 1GB is normal data why 3 hours is for streaming online.

Note: Incas if you are not eligible for the plan I mean the streaming plan on your 9mobile sim then just try to get a brand new sim activate the plan.

Now we move to how we will be able to make use of the plans both the streaming plan and the unlimited streaming plan view ec tunnel VPN.

How To Make EC tunnel VPN Power 9mobile Streaming Pak Data Plan

  1. After you have subscribed to the plan open ec tunnel VPN and click on Direct From the option main menu.
  2. Select 9mobile Streaming pak then
  3. Click on The Circle Button to connect,  you will see a green color response from the app circle button when it connects.
  4. That all starts browsing with your data caps according to the plan you go for.

How To Make EC Tunnel VPN Power Up 9mobile Unlimited Streaming Pak

  1. Follow the same steps as stated above but the only difference is.
  2. You should select 9mobile unlimited streaming pak not 9mobile streaming pak.
  3. Then connect that’s all.

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