Apple Updates App Store Review Guidelines: Added Matter, NFT, Campaign Management, and More

Apple was raided in South Korea after being exposed to charging developers 10%

Naija Tech News reports on October 25 that with the release of the official versions of iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1, Apple is updating the App Store review guidelines for developers who create apps for the iPhone and iPad .

Apple now requires apps to provide the App Review team with full access to the app and a valid demo account or demo mode for apps that include account-based functionality. This change will make it easier for app reviewers to investigate all parameters of the app.

The guidelines now ban any concept that seeks to exploit or profit from “recent or current events, such as violent conflicts, terrorist attacks and epidemics”. With the Matter smart home standard now integrated into iOS, Matter-enabled apps must use Apple’s Matter support framework to initiate pairing.

Notably, the update prevents apps from using NFTs to bypass in-app purchase rules . Apple’s guidelines say apps can use the in-app purchase system to sell NFTs and related services, but apps designed to allow users to view NFTs cannot use NFT ownership as a mechanism to unlock in-app features or functionality. Navigating apps using NFTs is allowed, but cannot contain buttons, links, or other calls to action for purchase mechanisms (other than in-app purchases).

Apps created solely to allow advertisers to buy and manage ad campaigns across media types don’t need to use in-app purchases, Apple said, while clarifying that digital purchases like “boosts” in social media apps like Facebook do Requires in-app purchases. The guide says:

“Ad Management Apps: Apps that are only used to allow advertisers (individuals or companies promoting products, services, or events) to buy and manage advertising campaigns across media types (TV, OOH, websites, apps, etc.) In-app purchases. These apps are designed for campaign management purposes and do not display advertisements themselves. Digital purchases of content experienced or consumed within an app, including buying ads to display within the same app (such as selling a post in a social media app” boost”) must use an in-app purchase.”

The App Store guidelines also prohibit the use of music from iTunes and Apple Music previews for entertainment value, and allow apps to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions, as long as the feature is only available in countries where the app has the proper license, IT House has learned.

Apple’s complete App Store guide can be found on the Apple Developer website .


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