Best AppValley Alternatives for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Best AppValley Alternatives for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Are you looking for the best AppValley alternatives to download iPhone and iPad apps without using Apple Store? If yes, then you’ve been covered with this article you’re reading about App stores like AppValley for iOS.

We have Google Play Store alternatives where you can download Android apps and games without using the official Android app store, the same goes for iOS devices, and a store like AppValley is one of them.

While AppValley is good, there are other alternatives for it, and in today’s article on Naijatechnews, you’ll get to know a list of the best AppValley alternatives for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

List of The Best AppValley Alternatives for iPhone & iPad

Below are the best AppValley alternatives you can use if you want to download apps and games outside the Apple store.


Best AppValley Alternatives for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

iPASTORE app is a similar app to AppValley and provides a service that’ll allow you to download many paid apps for free. It’s a recognized store for downloading any apps or games relating to iOS. iPASTORE is a paid app and can’t be downloaded for free, it has two versions which are iPASTORE Lite and iPASTORE Premium.

You can download iPASTORE on any iOS device from iOS 11 to iOS 16. It’s a nice app for downloading iPhone, and iPad apps and games outside Apple Stor. It has similar features to AppValley and that’s why it’s one of the best AppVally alternatives.

2. TutuApp

Best AppValley Alternatives for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

This app is a very popular app for downloading premium iOS apps and games, it is also available on Android and that makes it better. It has many features that make it stand out from alternative Apple Stores, with no ads, and no jailbreak needed. The developers of TutuApp always release a constant update on this app to make sure it follows up with the latest Apple iOS.

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TutuApp is very popular and if you don’t find Android users using it, you’ll see some iOS users using this alternative app store to download apps and games. TutuApp is one of the best apps like AppValley and it works well on iPhones and iPad.

3. vShare

Best AppValley Alternatives for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

vShare is a very big app store for iOS users, this app store offers almost everything you’ll get on the Apple store and AppValley, on vShare you can download iOS apps on your iPhone and iPad, this app store has ringtones you can download, you can different games as well and it’s a lot faster than AppValley in terms of downloads.

vShare is quite unique and it follows up with the latest Apple policy, it is safe to download apps and games from vShare, and you can download videos and cracked software on vShare, it has a large database of iOS items and it’s one of the best AppValley alternatives.

4. AppEven

Best AppValley Alternatives for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

If you’re looking for an alternative app that offers many of the same benefits as Appvalley, this of the great options that list your search and browse through their huge library of apps and games that will keep you entertained. AppEven is great for downloading tweaked iOS apps and games that are not on the Apple Store. It’s one of the best AppValley alternatives out there.

This app is great for discovering new apps and staying up to date with what’s popular, so if you are the type that is looking for a better option with a bunch of advantages then try this out, it doesn’t require signup and fees, just download the app and start downloading your needed app with one tap.

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5. AppCake

Best AppValley Alternatives for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

AppCake is an app store for iOS that provides a wide variety of high-quality apps and games. The app store works in a similar way to the iTunes store, where you can search by different categories or use the search bar to find specific apps. It also lists the top paid and free apps on its front page.

One of my favourite aspects of this app is that it provides recommendations based on what you are searching for. If you click on one of these recommendations, it will take you to that category so you can explore other potential options. There are also sections for kids, entertainment, tools and productivity, as well as many others that might be interesting to you depending on your needs and interests.

If you are looking for the best AppValley alternatives that offer a great option as Appvalley or more then this might be your biggest option available, download this app and start browsing through a load of apps being offered by the system.


AppValley is a great store to download cracked and tweaked apps for iPhones and iPad, the store is safe and reliable. But the other similar apps like AppValley that have been listed also provide a way to download apps and games outside the Apple Store for free.

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