Best RAR to ZIP Converter Apps for Android (2024)

Best Top Free Zip, Rar, and Unzip Apps For Android 2022

Best RAR to ZIP Converter Apps for Android – Are you searching for apps to help you convert RAR files to ZIP? If so, then you’re in the right place. There are a lot of applications out there to help one achieve this, but you definitely want the best. We’ll be showing you the best RAR to ZIP converter apps to use on your Android smartphone. You may know of some but, there are others you may want to try out.

These apps also serve as file managers that help you organise your folders and documents in an orderly manner. They offer a whole lot more features that you’ll have the opportunity to explore once you get them installed on your device. These converter apps will also let you play your favourite music and also watch videos with an inbuilt video player tool.

In this article on Naijatechnews, I’ll be covering a list of the best RAR to ZIP converter apps to use. These apps also allow users the ability to change the file formats of various documents to whatever format they wish. With them, you can also hide video and music files from displaying in your gallery or music player app. They also convert ZIP files to other file formats.

Without further ado, let’s delve right in.

List of the Best Android RAR to ZIP Converter Apps

Should you want to convert your RAR files to ZIP file format, then you should make use of the apps that would be highlighted below. They also let you change file names to various file formats with ease.

1. RAR

Best RAR to ZIP Converter Apps for Android (2024)

RAR app is your go-to app to convert RAR to ZIP without a hitch. This app is very popular and has since provided more features to help with users’ daily needs. This app lets you repair damaged ZIP and RAR files, offering protection against unauthorized access to these files. It helps with solid archiving of important files and folders.

This app not only lets you convert file formats but also lets you compress large files on the go, thereby helping you to save a lot of storage space. It has a lot of functions that help you copy, move, delete and rename files with just one click. You can also install APK packages on your Android device when making use of this app.

[appbox googleplay com.rarlab.rar]

2. ZArchiver

Best RAR to ZIP Converter Apps for Android (2024)

This is another credible application that lets you easily convert RAR files to ZIP file formats. ZArchiver comes in two varieties. The free and the Pro. You get more advanced features when you use the premium version of this app. But if you do not wish to spend a dime getting this app, the free version already solves the need of converting files to different formats.

ZArchiver can also be regarded as a file manager, and this is because it offers similar features that befit any file manager app. It lets you play video files with its built-in video player tool. Playing audio with this app is also possible. ZArchiver comes with a simple and easy-to-navigate user interface. It also helps you encrypt important files with the use of a password.

[appbox googleplay ru.zdevs.zarchiver]

3. WinZip – Zip Unzip Tool

Best RAR to ZIP Converter Apps for Android (2024)

WinZip app gives you the ability to ZIP and unzip files with ease. You can also secure such files with passwords to prevent access to others. Converting RAR to ZIP is a smooth task when you install and make use of this app on your Android smartphone. It is one of the best apps out there to use in converting and changing file formats.

Using this app, you could view images encoded in a ZIP file with its enhanced image viewer tool. You can also browse your picture album with ease. WinZip app allows you to select multiple photos same time to ZIP and share them to your friends and family. You do not want to miss out on this application if you have a need to convert file formats.

[appbox googleplay]

4. Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip

Best RAR to ZIP Converter Apps for Android (2024)

All types of file conversion are possible with this app. Easy Unrar gives you the liberty to extract ZIP and RAR files with ease. It also features a browser that lets you view folders and files on your smartphone. This app allows you to secure your files using a password. It also serves as a tool that lets you compress and organise files without problems.

If you want to display archived contents without decompression, Easy Unrar app lets you do that easily. With this app, you can mark all files you want to extract same time to save time. It also lets you extract movie files, opening them within a very short time. Easy Unrar app allows easy conversion of ZIP to RAR files, whilst encrypting them.

[appbox googleplay com.rbigsoft.easyunrar.lite]

5. UnZip Rar Extractor

Best RAR to ZIP Converter Apps for Android (2024)

UnZip Rar Extractor app is one of the best tools to help you convert RAR to ZIP files with ease. You can convert as many files to different formats with this app. It also functions as a sort of file manager for Android devices. This app lets you play videos, and music and view images. It features a built-in video player, music player and gallery.

UnZip Rar Extractor is a credible tool for the extraction of ZIP and RAR files. It allows you to protect your files in one click. Using this app, you could save up to 30% of your phone’s storage space. This ensures that you’re able to store more files on your smartphone. This app also lets you compress large files, shrinking them to smaller bits.

[appbox googleplay com.prozip128.unrarunzip.zipifleopenerandcompressor312]


I’ve highlighted the best RAR to ZIP converter apps to use on Android devices. These apps also serve as file managers, as you could watch videos, play music, and view photos with them. Compressing files is one feature they have to offer their users. Do not hesitate to get any installed on your smartphone, should you need the services they offer.


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