Hide ‘N Seek! APK v1.9.2 MOD Download (Unlimited Coins)

Step back in time to your childhood with the legendary hide-and-seek game in Hide ‘N Seek! Stepping into this simulation world, you have the right to choose between two roles. Specifically, you can transform into a seeker or a hider. Each experience is exciting and has its own difficulties. Take advantage of the opportunity to be able to role-play both positions. Simple gameplay combined with 3D graphics that recreate a unique maze creates a game to look forward to.


In this maze, many players will join you. All are trapped in a certain maze. This is the main setting of the game. The operation and the gameplay are completely similar to the hide and seek game that has gone deep into the memory of many generations. That’s why, no matter who you are, Hide ‘N Seek! Nor will it be difficult for you.


Specifically, if you transform into a seeker, you will have to perform the true task to its name. It’s searching, hunting everywhere to catch people hiding, as many as possible. Although in the role of an active person, things are not easy. You will not be able to see any human after 5 seconds the game officially starts.

After the clock starts to count, it’s time to take action. Specifically, you have to move around this bizarre maze. Any place you feel suspicious and suspect that someone is hiding can visit. You can run or walk to avoid making noise that affects your journey to capture the enemy. However, besides working hard to find direction, sometimes you have to change to surprise the escapee and quickly fall into the trap.


If you are interested in the role of a hider, you can choose the second option of becoming a hider in this maze. When you transform into a hider, you are different from a seeker in that you can see everyone existing here, including teammates and seekers. Your task is to hide in the most invisible place to avoid being caught by the seeker. You only have 30 seconds to begin your journey to find a haven.


Regardless of any game besides the righteous roads, sometimes you have to use good tips and smart strategies to become a champion. When playing the role of a hider, you find ways to hide well and find ways to push others out of the dark, helping searchers discover new targets. At that time, he will focus his attention on this prey and forget that you are also nearby.


If you are unlucky or not experienced enough to ride safely, you will be caught by the seeker. You will be put in a cage and wait here. The game is not over yet because your teammates can still save you. Take advantage of when the seeker is absent, unattended, and a teammate can come and use a few tricks to save you. However, your teammates don’t always arrive on time, sometimes you wait there forever, but no one is seen. In such cases, you have to play the level again.


Before you get caught, what if you detect a searcher approaching? Hide ‘N Seek! support you the tool named teleporter. With it, you can move your body to the other side of the map to avoid the eyes of searchers. Thanks to this, you quickly and easily exit a network. However, it is not always possible to use it. The number you can choose is limited, especially at the early levels.


Suppose you want to use the privileges of Hide ‘N Seek! For premium players, you have to collect as many coins as you can. Around the maze, there will be a key in every corner, so during your hiding, you can take advantage of the opportunity to look around. After receiving the key, you will use it to open the coin vault. Use them to upgrade skins, skills.


Don’t stop there, coins in Hide ‘N Seek! can also be used to purchase skins. In addition, you can also watch ads to get new skins. This game puts on a fairly simple appearance with a complex maze full of classic passages and walls. There will be unique mazes of different shapes and colors with each different interface—for example, a gray triangle, a blue circle, a greenhouse.

– Added leaderboards
– Bug fixes and performance improvements

MOD info:

    • Unlimited Coins: Complete one level to get a lot of Coins!

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.


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