Elon Musk evokes a potential bankruptcy of Twitter

Elon Musk evokes a potential bankruptcy of Twitter

Elon Musk evokes a potential bankruptcy of TwitterElon Musk evokes a potential bankruptcy of Twitter

Pressure wave or financial and economic reality? Elon Musk does not rule out Twitter going bankrupt in the future. Although Elon Musk has fired roughly half of Twitter’s staff, he still puts pressure on his workers.

Elon Musk raises the specter of bankruptcy


The billionaire apparently warned that Twitter would soon file for bankruptcy if its financial situation did not improve during an internal meeting. According to reports, he stated he didn’t know how much income the business would lose the following year. And added, “It’s likely we may be in a cash flow loss of billions”.

Elon Musk is particularly concerned about bearing the entire weight of the current unfavorable economic environment. He reportedly added, “If there is a lengthy and deep recession, we will have to be able to endure,” implying the worst for the platform and the staff members who had not been fired or resigned.

Given that he recently put a severe curb on Twitter’s habit of remote working. It is entirely possible that Musk is using this as a means of making pressure on his workers. All employees have now to spend a minimum of 40 hours each week on corporate property.

Quickly released features

The road to getting Twitter where Musk wants it will be hard. Musk has already informed his staff about this. In addition, he provided a very tight timeline for the development of the verification system. And the new Twitter Blue formula.

The internal conflict was due to the chaotic launch, which turned Twitter into a huge collection of verified accounts and accounts that impersonated real people while appearing to be official (yes, even more so than usual).

The US Competition Authority (FTC), which expressed concern about the situation at Twitter and reminded the company that it had to abide by the law and a previously reached agreement, has not been immune to the failures in data privacy and security.

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