Front Load Washing Machine Price in Nigeria | Front Loaders

Front Load Washing Machine Price in Nigeria |  Front Loaders
Front Load Washing Machine Price in Nigeria | Front Loaders

Front load washing machines are favored because of their superior performance. Their top selling point is their efficiency. They require much less water and detergent than top loaders. Front Load Washing Machine Price in Nigeria ranges from 150,000 Naira to 7,000,000 Naira depending on the capacity, level of sophistication, and/or your location in the country.

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Front Load Washing Machine Price in Nigeria | Front Loaders
Although front load washers have higher average prices compared to top loaders, their economical operations may make them cheaper in the long term. Here are some of the Best Front Load Washing Machines.

A typical front load washer will use about a third of the water that a top loader will require for similar washing conditions.

Front load washing machine price varies depending on the capacity (loading). The entry level front load washing machine with capacities of around 5kg are the most affordable (less than 140,000 Naira).

Models with capacities ranging from 6kg or more will usually cost more than 160,000 Naira. You can also buy a front load washer with built-in dryer (called a washer dryer combo). Prices for these models starts at around 300,000 Naira, but can go as high as 400,000 Naira. Separate dryer designs are also available with price starting at around 105,000 Naira.

There are also the dual-drum front load washing machines that offer two drums one on top and the other below. However, while this is similar to the twin tub washers available in top load design, the functionality are different.

While in the case of twin tubs one tub is dedicated to washing while the other is dedicated to spinning, dual drum front loaders can wash in both drums while one or both drums can in addition to washing also handle drying. Price for the dual drum front load washing machine is around 800,000 Naira.

There also industrial grade front loading washing machines that can handle laundry capacity of 10kg and even 25kg or more with price up to 7,000,000 Naira.Front Load Washing Machine Price in Nigeria | Front Loaders

Front Load Washing Machine Prices

  • Hisense WM6012S (6kg) – ₦161,500
  • Hisense WFE8012S (8kg) – ₦195,500
  • Polystar PV40-17WBP (3.5kg) – ₦85,000
  • Maxi 80FWD-W (8kg / 5kg) – ₦195,500
  • LG 2j3QDNPO (7.5kg) – ₦202,000
  • LG F2J3WDNPO (6.5KG) – ₦194,500
  • Hisense 80DVDL (8kg) – ₦112,900
  • Midea MFE60 (6kg) – ₦150,000
  • Samsung WW70T4020CX (7kg) – ₦240,000
  • Samsung WW80T554DAN (8kg) – ₦290,000
  • Polystar PV-TWF7.1KG (7.5kg) – ₦155,000
  • LG T1369NEHTF 13kg Full Automatic Front Loader – ₦215,000
  • LG T8585 NDHV 8KG Full Automatic Front Loader – ₦161,000
  • Haier Thermocool HWD120-B1558 Duo 2-in-1 Dual Drum – ₦809,000
  • Haier Thermocool HW60 12829 Washer and Dryer (8kg / 5kg) – ₦327,500
  • Samsung WW90T554DAN/NQ 9kg Washer and Dryer (9kg / 6kg) – ₦327,500
  • For latest Prices of Compact Washers

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Some popular brands of front load washers in Nigeria include Samsung, LG, Haier Thermocool, Midea, Hisense, Scanfrost, Ignis, Daewoo, and Indesit.

You can buy front load washing machine from leading online stores in Nigeria and authorised retailers of LG, Samsung, Maxi, Hisense, and Haier Thermocool.

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