How Does the Bitcoin Debit Card Work?

Bitcoin is an electronic currency that is a better alternative to traditional currencies. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer transactions to send one digital token from one person to another. What’s more, global Bitcoin transactions do not take days to go through, unlike fiat currency transactions which take days and weeks to complete.

What’s more, this digital currency is not only a store of value but also a medium of exchange. As a result, one should consider getting a Bitcoin debit card. Therefore, you can use your debit card to swipe from your location to complete a transaction with your available Bitcoins.

On the other hand, a Bitcoin debit card allows one to use this digital currency to purchase a product and pay for it in real-time. Bitcoin debit cards are pretty similar to regular debit cards. However, large Bitcoin exchanges like issue Bitcoin debit cards in collaboration with large financial institutions. Such institutions may include Visa and Mastercard. In addition, debit cards are a perfect way to increase the adoption of this digital money since it is highly accessible to everyone.

How Does a Bitcoin Debit Card Work?

A Bitcoin debit card functions similarly to the traditional debit card except that, when settling a transaction, the payment partner liaises with a Bitcoin exchange rather than the bank. So, if your Bitcoin wallet has enough funds, the transaction will go through successfully. Ultimately, your Bitcoin wallet is debited instead of your bank account.

You can find your Bitcoin debit card in the following two ways:

  • You can link your Bitcoin wallet to the card so that when you purchase a product using this digital money, you successfully trade the right amount of this virtual currency for cash.
  • Also, you opt to top up your card by selling this electronic currency to cash in large amounts. As a result, you spend the money as you purchase products using the card.

What’s more, depending on your card provider, your Bitcoin credit card may not have an annual fee. However, you may be charged a meager fee anytime you convert this digital currency to cash.

Importance of a Bitcoin Debit Card

A Bitcoin debit card helps many people access this digital currency quickly and make payments fast. Consequently, there’s an increase in the adoption rate of this electronic currency due to the convenience it offers its users.

Additionally, debit card issuers issue a shiny card that appears familiar to card users. Moreover, Bitcoin debit card users utilize a network with many operating stores and retail stores, which could translate to mainstream usage of this digital currency.

However, it’s wise to consider a few factors while looking for a Bitcoin card provider, which includes:

  • You should find out the feed they charge for a Bitcoin transaction because Bitcoin debit cards come with a few fees. These fees include maintenance, foreign transfer charges, and ATM withdrawal fees. So, look for a card that does not charge much money.
  • Also, find out the currencies that your preferred debit card issuer supports. There are debit cards that do not support some currencies. So choose a card that supports your preferred currency.

Get a card that offers generous cash backs because there are debit cards that come with rewards like Bitcoin cashback.

Final Thoughts

A Bitcoin debit card works somehow similar to a traditional debit card. So, get a Bitcoin debit card today because it is safe to use and has advanced security features.

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