How To Download Google Voice for Android & iOS (2024)

How To Download Google Voice for Android & iOS (2022)
How To Download Google Voice for Android & iOS (2024)How To Download Google Voice for Android & iOS (2024)

You might have been looking for ways to Download Google Voice in Nigeria on your Android and iOS device, it’s quite simple though and if you follow the steps provided in this article, you’ll be having the Google Voice app on your smartphone.

Google Voice app is arguably one of the few Android apps a lot of Nigerians are being restricted from downloading due to the unavailability of the apps in countries like Nigeria and some other countries. But just like the old saying that everything is possible, yes it’s possible to download Google Voice while you’re here in Nigeria and you can do that on your Android or iOS device.

If you’re reading this article here on Naijatechnews, then I’m guessing your big question which is can you download Google Voice in Nigeria? Yes, you can and I’ll show you how to do that without stressing too much.

There’s no doubt that Google Voice App offers the best solutions for making free calls, if you have a Google Voice number and app in Nigeria, you’ll be able to call anyone in the US and Canada for free, and you can also enjoy a lot of unlimited texting with this app.

But Google made this app very difficult for Non-US and Canadian citizens to download this app by placing geo-restrictions on other countries, you can search for the Google Voice app on Google Play Store and you won’t find it.

How To Download Google Voice in Nigeria for Android & iOS

With my internet knowledge, I was able to improvise on a solution to have Google Voice downloaded on my Android device even though the app isn’t available for Nigerians. The methods involved are pretty simple and in fact, you don’t need to have any knowledge about some of the apps that’ll be used.

Method 1: Download Google Voice in Nigeria via US Gmail Account

This is the first method that can be used and the best part of it all is the fact that it’ll allow you to download not just the Google Voice app but also any apps you can’t download on your Android device due to geo-restrictions. So to start with this method, let’s begin with the steps and what needs to be done.

Step 1. You’ll need to have a VPN installed on your Android device, if you don’t have any you can download any free VPN on your Android device and use it for this method. Connect to any USA location in your VPN app and proceed to step 2.

Step 2. You’ll need to create a new Gmail account while you’re connected to your VPN, so open your Gmail app and create a new Gmail account. Fill in your normal details or you can just use random information that can be easily remembered.

Step 3. Once you’ve done all in Step 2, on finalising your account creation, you’ll need to enter a phone number to receive an OTP code. Since your IP shows you’re signing up from the USA, by default you’ll need to enter a USA number, you can change the country and enter your Nigerian number and the OTP will be sent to the Number.

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How To Download Google Voice for Android & iOS (2024)

Step 4. Once your email has been opened successfully, now let’s see if truly you can Download Google Voice in Nigeria via the steps you followed. Go to Google Play Store, Switch to the new email you just created and search for Google Voice, the app will appear and you can then install it on your Android device.

Note: For iOS users, you only need to sign-up for the USA-based Apple account, you can follow the same procedures here. You’ll need a VPN that is connected to the USA then you can sign-up for an iCloud or Apple account.

Method 2: Alternative Way To Download Google Voice in Nigeria

This method is for Android users and it saves all the stress of having to connect to a VPN or even creating a new Gmail account. You can simply download Google Voice in Nigeria via third-party websites that upload. Android apps and games for free. So I’ll list two of these websites and you can give them a try.


APKPURE is arguably one of the best websites where you can download Android games and apps for free, if Google Play Store is restricting your access to downloading some apps and games due to location restrictions, then you can always use APKPURE to download Android Apps and Games. On this website, you can download Google Voice in Nigeria for free and you don’t even need to use a VPN before you can download it.

2. Uptodown

Uptodown is another excellent website out there where you can download as many Android apps and games as you want without limitations. This website offers the best way to download Android apps and games you won’t find on the Google Play Store, you can download Google Voice on this website for free and you can also download the PC software for free.

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So with the methods provided above. Hopefully, you’ll find it very easy to Download Google Voice in Nigeria, this method is one of the ways I use to get geo-restricted apps on my Android device and it works. Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you’re facing any issues while trying any of the methods provided for downloading Google Voice in Nigeria.

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