How to fix problems with your Windows 10 computer?

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How to fix problems with your Windows 10 computer?.Computers can be used with various systems, but the system that the vast majority of people use is Windows. All because this system has good features and also very good functions. However, no matter how good a system is, it will always present certain problems.

This is the case of the Windows 10 operating system , which sometimes has certain bugs, which people do not know how to solve. Later, we will show you what are the latest Windows 10 failures, how to find the problems that the computer has and how to solve them without using programs.

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  1. What are the main bugs or errors that Windows 10 presents?
    1. activation problems
    2. Battery duration
    3. Slow start of the machine
  2. How to find the problem of your computer when it has failures?
    1. Using ‘Find and fix problems’ in Windows
  3. How to fix problems with your Windows 10 computer?

What are the main bugs or errors that Windows 10;How to fix problems with your Windows 10 computer.

Windows presents varied failures on computers that are already a bit old or on computers where the system has not been installed well. However, there are three flaws in particular, which are the ones that Windows users almost always agree with.

Such faults are mess with system activation to use all its features always, battery life and also slow computer startup. Let’s talk a little more about these system problems in the three sub-topics that follow:

activation problems

The main problem of all is related to the activation of the system. Many people send you to make the system to your PC completely from scratch, but in the place where they install the system, they do not place the license. As a result, time passes, the system never wakes up, and when you want to wake up, Windows won’t let you.

This is the problem that occurs in the vast majority of computers that have a Windows operating system and it never activates. Now, because the system never wakes up, what happens is that over time the computer has other problems.

Two of these problems are that the battery drops rapidly and the computer takes a long time to start up. In case you did not know, within Windows there is a way to disable the notification bar within the system without having to use any application.

Battery duration

The computer’s short battery life is a problem, if truth be told, a bit of a bummer. In laptops , battery life is extremely important, because you can’t have your computer sitting there plugged into the charger all day.

The good thing is that for this problem there is always a solution , even if you think it is something impossible to solve. Notably, with PCs running Windows 10, there is a way to tell if someone else has used your computer .

This function is very useful when you don’t want someone to be snooping inside your private files in the file explorer or in your accounts inside the web browser.

Slow start of the machine

The last of the main problems that computers with the Windows 10 operating system or another edition of the system usually present is the slow startup of the computer . Many times it happens that when you press the start button on the PC, it takes a long time to turn on.

This is another of the problems that usually occur in the system, but there is nothing to worry about, since it can be solved. Later, we are going to explain a couple of things you can do to solve each of those problems that your computer’s operating system gives you.

By the way, if you have certain data on your computer, which you do not want anyone to delete, you can go on to create a folder that the system does not allow to delete .

How to find the problem of your computer when it has failures?

Problems with your computer’s performance can be quickly fixed using the Windows ‘Find and fix errors’ option. This is an option that Windows implements in its operating system so that people can troubleshoot their computer without having to collect information using a program.

Pay attention to what the following sub-topic tells you so that you can find the ‘Find and fix problems’ option within Windows.

Using ‘Find and fix problems’ in Windows

The find and ‘Fix problems’ option is scattered across sections , but the central one is ‘Find and fix problems with your hardware’. This option is achieved as follows:

  1. start your computer
  2. Go to the search bar that the system has
  3. Put in the search the sentence ‘Find and fix problems with devices’
  4. Select the result that most closely resembles what you have searched for
  5. Then, in the window that will appear, click on the ‘Next’ option
  6. To finish, wait for Windows to finish analyzing the computer and in this way you will know if your computer has problems

How to fix problems with your Windows 10 computer?

To fix problems on your computer without having to use a program, all you have to do is scan your PC for problems . If the box gives you certain errors, what you should do is select the ‘Fix’ or ‘Repair’ option and wait for Windows to fix everything.

Another thing you can do is access the Windows technical support website to find information that allows you to repair the faults that the equipment presents. As far as the aforementioned issues are concerned, these can be fixed by doing a couple of things:

  • Windows activation: if you try to activate your Windows and you can’t, send it to do the system again to the PC and activate the system
  • Battery life: for this, activate the ‘Battery saver’ option in Windows
  • Slow startup: for this you need to free up space on your computer so that it works more efficiently



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