How to hide your MTN number when making a call

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How to hide your MTN number when making a call

Have you been wondering if it’s possible to hide your phone number in order to make anonymous calls? Yes, it’s possible on MTN network.

Subscribers of MTN can easily hide their caller IDs at a fee. Before you proceed, note that spam control apps such as Truecaller have a function to block all calls from hidden numbers. If this function is activated on the recipient’s phone, it becomes impossible for you to reach that person with your phone number hidden.

Some mobile phones also have similar functions that allow calls from hidden numbers or anonymous to be rejected. Take note of all these before switching this module on your SIM card.

Now let’s dive into how to hide your phone number or caller ID if you are using an MTN number.


Follow these steps to activate this function

  1. Dial 1333 on your phone and listen to the voice prompt
  2. Set a new PIN code (4-digit)
  3. Confirm the set PIN code
  4. Open your messaging app
  5. Compose a new SMS by typing: clir[leave a space]activate[leave a space]PIN
  6. Sent the message to 1333
  7. The Caller Hide Feature on your SIM will then be activated.
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After the Caller hide feature has been activated on your SIM, you have to dial *67 first and add the phone number you want to call. For example, if I want to call 02434540001, I have to dial *6702434540001.

Without adding the *67, your number will not hide on the recipient’s phone.

Cost of using this service

This is MTN CLIR/SO service and a monthly fee of GHC2 is deducted from your account once this is activated on your SIM.

Once again note that if the person you are calling has activated a rejection of CALLS FROM HIDDEN NUMBERS, your call to him or her will be rejected.


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